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Do you see me?

Sometimes what a child’s soul says to their parent:

“I see you, do you see me?”

Take time to be still and to watch your children free from judgment, criticism, or the need to correct.

Take time to see them for who they are.

Perfect and imperfect. Beautiful and learning, just like you.

Being a parent is a challenge for a reason. Children are a blessing and come with much to teach us. They come with just the right combination of knowing how to melt our hearts and also what buttons to push so that we may grow into better human beings. They provide us with plenty of opportunities to practice love, kindness, patience, and compassion. And in return they give us their open mind and open heart to make our impression on. It can be tough being a parent, but remember it can be tough being a kid sometimes too.

In your journey as a parent keep in mind that at any time you can ask God to help you in your parenting. Sometimes this is the strength we need to know we are not alone.

God please help me to be a good parent and to honor who my children are as they grow wholly into themselves.

Thank you God for my beloved children.



Prayer is Communication

“If you want to know God, you must be like the naughty baby who cries till the mother comes.”
~ Paramahansa Yogananda

If there is something that you are wishing for pray for it. Then pray again, and again, and again. Pray it until it is like breath in your consciousness and then it can move forward as life.

Praying is simply communicating with God – expressing your thanks and asking for divine help. It took me 30 years to figure out what prayer was to me and when I finally got it I understood that prayer is not a religious avenue it is a spiritually universal one. Quite simply it is talking to God sharing with him your inner most thoughts and desires. After all how can anyone know what you truly want unless you communicate it? The first step is being clear and honest with yourself and then you may release it to the Universe through prayer. In doing so a sacred little landing spot is created, housed within your very being so that the echo of your prayer in an answer can bounce back to you and be realized.



Words of Wisdom from author Marianne Williamson

Words of wisdom from Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

From her book A Return to Love.

“Why did God make War?”

Celebrating Memorial Day yesterday my 6-year-old asks, “Why did God make war?”

I respond, “God didn’t make war, people did.”

“God gave us free will and with that there are some people who have hate and anger and use it against others. That’s how war starts. And then in war there are those who defend us, our country, our rights, and our freedom.”

God didn’t make war. He only gave us the space to create our own world and make our own choices. And look what we have done with that responsibility.

That is why connecting to God on a personal level through developing your intuition (your ability to hear God’s voice that comes through you) and being able to listen to your heart is so important now. We have a lot to correct in creating the world of our future. We have a lot to correct in our personal lives.

It is not a time to cling to politics and religion for they seem to only fuel the fire. It is a time to cling to God and begin to know God’s voice through yourself. It is a time to be stronger than war, the war you have going on with yourself or the war you have going on with others.

God is accessible to all and his voice is one of only love. That is the voice we each need to embody, the voice of love that moves through us, God’s voice.

Choose to create more love in your personal world, in your life, and you will begin a powerful ripple effect. God did not make war he made love and love is the most powerful tool to master… so use it.

When in doubt, just send love.

“I send you true, pure, and masterful love.”

A Piece from My Memoir

 From Day 58 of transcribing my journal:

This was such a sweet moment for me. I hadn’t rocked my daughter to sleep since she was 4 months old and somehow on this particular day things aligned for me to be able to do so and this is what happened…

So here I was holding onto this little golden nugget. My darling baby girl, sweet and silent in my arms. I could feel my hands start to pulse as I held her. One hand on her bottom and one on her head. I called in our teams (spiritual guides and angels) to work together for our highest good and opened myself to allow whatever energy was to flow through me to her. Captured in this moment and in this divine flow, it was as if we were both being nursed by a divine mother. Grace delivered.

With her sweet little face still turned up towards me I stared at her. And took in the great detail noticing the small and delicate features of her face. Her little nose, her little lips, her little cheeks. Her hair flaxen and gold and how it shined in the light that glimmered through from the darkness of the room. Then all of a sudden I could see her through my eyes, my spirit eyes, those that see much deeper than the beauty of her skin. Those that invoke the sight to see into her soul.

Her face looked like a tiny little pink flower blooming with perfection amidst a green forest floor. Her petals stretched beyond her, so delicate, a pale rosy pink and her eager face turned upward to see the world from among the blanket of green. Then I took notice of her surroundings. All around her I could see tall, huge, massive trees towering up from the forest floor. They felt like Redwoods they were so mammoth and carried such great godly presence. And then from the hollows I heard, “Is the little pink flower no more important than the tall standing tree? No more a miracle in its own being and beauty as the tree is?”

“All things big and small are beautiful and important. Each is created with the light of God’s hand. We should have reverence for all things in the material worlds. To treat them with respect, with love, and gratitude for their being. For you are all sharing this space for the time being.”

In that moment holding Marin and hearing the words that were shared comparing my baby, a tiny delicate flower, to those who tower over her like trees, adults, I could see the equality of the two break through. Although she may be small and fragile like a flower (a flower cup flashes in my mind) and not tall and strong like a tree or an adult she is equally a miracle in her own right. She is equally valuable and a blessing. And she equally holds her own sacred space amongst all life. A sight to behold. Something awe-inspiring and grand. Crafted by Gods hand, I hold her gently in my own. Gentle; this word sticks with me. I have not been gentle today, with my temper, with my children, and at times with myself. And yet here I am totally gifted by the gentleness of this sacred moment and in it touched by the gentleness of God, the gentleness of spirit, and the divine communication I am open to.



hands (Photo credit: tamaki)

Our creativity is our individuality.

Creativity can be inspired through things already known, and added onto things already in existence, but at its deepest truth creativity is a divine seed planted in each of us that emanates the unique spark of our individuality. When we open ourself to the light that shines from within we open ourself to that creativity that naturally comes through. We are creative in so many mindless ways such as how we style our hair, how we make an egg, how we choose to rise each morning. And yet there are some who get hung up on the word “creative” and think  of it in the more traditional sense of painting, sculpture, writing, and so on, and they forget that they too are creative. We all are creator beings. It is impossible to be human and to not create and that’s why we are likened to God himself, the greatest creator of all.

The Faith of God- A Fish in a Fish Bowl

Sometimes it happens that the messages that come through are so profound that I myself am dumbfounded. I question myself, “Did that just really happen?”  But in the face of the truth that has popped through I tend to feel that I should not deny it because it has struck me in such a way that is so outside of myself. Tuesday afternoon I had one of these occurences…

After I had put my daughter down for her nap I went downstairs to sit and be with the Earth. Looking out my sliding glass door and into my backyard I connected with her. My intention was to speak with Mom Earth and to be in that state where the doors to the ethers are open and we can communicate. It is always super fun and I was having quite an interesting conversation with the Earth and a friend gnome when the conversation came to a point where they asked if they could ask me a question. “Me!? What could they possibly want to ask me?” I thought to myself. I willingly agreed and they asked if I could tell them, “the faith of our father?” I stumbled for a moment in thought trying to piece together who our father was. Who is the father of the Earth, a gnome, and me?

English: The fish bowl 日本語: 金魚鉢

English: The fish bowl 日本語: 金魚鉢 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As it dawned on me that God was who they were talking about I felt instantly puzzled. “What? How do I know what the faith of God is!? I don’t understand why they’re asking me this.” Once I reeled my confusion in and centered myself I had an image come to me. It was a fish. A pretty little orange goldfish swimming in circles in a fish bowl. Then a bullet, or something, came at it and shattered it. The glass flew into a million different pieces and the water came crashing down all around where the fish bowl had been. But the fish was still there. Still swimming around in circles as it had been before. Nothing changed for the fish.

This was a very dramatic and enlightening vision and I didn’t really understand it fully at the time, I’m not even sure that I do now. However, later that night as I shared this occurrence and verbalized it to someone else I felt like the message deepened for me and became a little clearer. I told the story much like I have told you here but then at the end I processed it a little further…

The fish bowl is like the world, and the water is everything that holds it together, and we are the fish. And if it all were to shatter and fall apart tomorrow we would be ok. None of it would really matter because we would still be the fish and we would still be swimming around. God’s faith holds us constant in that.

Shared Prayer

This is a prayer I wrote years ago. I have had it taped to the inside of my bathroom cabinet since 2009 and have refered to it many, many times.

Here is the shared prayer coming at you

Dear God, Please be with me today and all days, giving me guidance where I need it and when I ask for it. Please bless any Divine communication to be clear, specific, and for the highest good of myself and all those involved. Only give me information that I can handle and that I will know what to do with. Please bless myself and my family (names here) so that we are all on our path to fulfilling our own life’s purpose and so that we are each shielded from that which does not serve our highest good. Please help us to release any fears that we may have so that we can function at our highest potential and be aware of the highest good in all people and situations. Thank you for your constant loving, peaceful presence. We love you endlessly. Amen. Love Realized.