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A Word of Thanks – Farmers

Thank you God for farmers. For all they do to sustain us, a people.

Thank you for the ease they bring to our lives by their back-breaking work, their long hours, and their sacrifices.

Thank you for providing them a will and a way.

With pride and thoughtfulness they work with the land to share the fruits of their labors. And from those fruits prosper their families, their communities, and the world.

Thank you God for farmers.

I am the daughter of a farmer. My family farmed sod and mint. Although we did not so much provide for the world’s food shelf we were still a farming family through and through. I know the value of long days put in and of being surrounded by the land from which your families livelihood grows. Growing up on a farm is like growing up no other place… you always carry a piece of the land with you.

From farm life grows an ethic of being a hard worker, of knowing what it means to be dedicated, and an overall value and connection to the land. From farm life grows humbleness, as you are at the mercy of the climate and the weather making favorable conditions. From farm life grows gratitude, as those conditions are met and your are blessed with a means to live by. From farm life grows a love cultivated by a culture of being a farmer.

I am forever grateful for my own roots cultivated through the farmers in my family. They weren’t just growing a crop, they were growing a family, and an ethic for life.

Grandma and Grandpa Scepka stilling mint the year I was born into our farming family.

Grandma and Grandpa Scepka stilling mint the year I was born into our farming family.

A Book for Grandchildren and Grandparents

The book I am working on is The Life and Times of My Grandparent: A Journal for Young Writers.

It is a book that sets-up quality time for conversation during which the grandchild records important family history as told by the grandparent and the two create a family heirloom together.

The focus is primarily on the grandparent reflecting on their life.  However, there are also several questions for the grandparent to ask the grandchild making it a truly collaborative experience where each voice has value – young and old.

The value that lies here is not just in the book alone with its memories captured, it is also in the relationship of grandparent and grandchild as their bond is strengthened by spending valuable one-on-one time together.

This book is unlike any other and I am proud to announce it! We expect it to be available for purchase this summer!

I would like to invite you to “like” the Facebook page “The Life and Times of My Grandparent” and follow the books updates as well as other information or images that will be shared pertaining to grandparents and grandchildren.  And of course I would love for you to share it and invite others to “like” it as well.


Thanks so very much!!!

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