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Energy Healing Sessions Now Available!

The time is now to launch myself officially as an Energy Healing Practitioner!

As a special Thank You for reading my blog I would like to offer you a 20% discount on your first session! And I would also like to extend the offer to any family or friends that you feel could benefit from a total energy balance. Just mention the discount when you book your session.

I have recently updated my website (www.Korinn.com) and have added a services section where you can familiarize yourself with the services I offer. I have been training in the field of Energy Medicine for about 6 years and am very excited to put all of my knowledge and skill into use for you!

While I am still primarily a stay at home Mom my hours will be part-time. I will be booking appointments on Wednesdays from 9:00am-1:00pm in Afton, Minnesota. But I will also be available for sessions on other days in the evening or daytime by appointment. Just call or email me and I am confident we can find a time that works. My contact information can be viewed on my website at: http://korinn.com/Services.html. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Business card website

Energy Medicine, put simply, is using energy to heal. It is a complementary and alternative means to achieving balance and health in your body, mind, and spirit. It is gentle, non-invasive, and holistic, working on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level of being.

It is well known that stress, emotions, and states of the mind have a direct effect on health. What happens is that the body stores energy from these experiences. Then if unhealthful energy is not naturally released it begins to accumulate and that stored energy becomes a blockage in your energetic system.  This has an effect on your overall sense of well-being and can ultimately lead to issues in your physical body.

During a session with me as your Energy Healing Practitioner I will employ the knowledge and skills that I have gained through years of study and application. In general I use hands on healing to remove blocks and restore flow. I also frequently use crystals to amplify the energy that is transmitted in a session. Through feeling and seeing into your unique energy field I am able to work with the wisdom of your body and your spirit in order to help activate your own innate ability to heal and be the best you.

In life you cannot separate your body from your spirit. Energy Medicine takes this into account. In order to maintain balance in one you must also be balanced in the other. So take time for yourself to schedule a session with me and feel the difference that balanced energy can make.


**Special Introductory Rates and don’t forget your 20% discount**

Energy Healing Sessions

30 minutes………  $25
60 minutes………  $45
90 minutes………  $65

Contact Korinn to schedule a session:


Feeling a Little under the Weather

I am trying my hardest to fight off a bug with herbal teas, essential oils, vitamins, and sleep.

I remember that last year I detoxed in December and was not sick for the whole rest of the cold and flu season. That was really nice and a good reminder that what we eat directly affects our bodies immunity.‎

I have also been charging my water again as any lift in vibration helps. And of course asking the angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides to heal me. This morning I hit the snooze button twice and instead of sleeping I called on them. I could see a couple of them come in and I got a nice 20 minute session of energy pulsing to me to help boost my vibration and to help me release some forgiveness I had been harboring, which could have also been bringing my physical health down. Now that I am up and moving around I actually feel invigorated (I know, weird) and can feel drainage in the back of my throat so I know the illness is moving and that’s a good thing.

To call on your team of spirit healers to heal you:

Sit or lay in a quiet space and say, “God, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides please heal me.”

If you like you can put your hands on the parts of your body where you feel you need the most healing. Then simply relax and receive.

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“Healing Table”

August 2013 088

This is the influence I have on my kids, Lol.

They are playing, “healing table.”

It was so cute and random and made me smile.

But also it makes me grateful for the natural ability of my children, and any child, to take into their own being that which is good in a household. As parents, we of course make mistakes, but in the end we can place hope in knowing that the good far outweighs the not so good and our children are indeed better off having us as parents.

It also makes me wonder what would the world be like if every household contained and practiced the knowledge of these natural tools of healing. What if healing was as prevalent as applying band-aids? That makes me smile too. 🙂

Message for the day…

Look inside yourself; to heal the world.

Stoke the fire within and trust your intuition because new things are coming to you.

At this time it is so important to achieve balance between body, mind, and spirit. Your spirit is the one that can keep you in-check if you hold on to it and pay it attention.

In which area are you out of balance most? Is it your mind, your connect to your spirit, or your body?

Choose one simple thing to do today and take a step toward restoring inner balance and that peace in your life which radiates from the inside out.


For Body – Move your body more today, find time to dance, or drink more water.

For Mind – Adopt a mantra for the day and repeat it regularly in your mind. Example, “I am worthy.”

For Spirit – Send your spirit love. Take a centering breath, focus on the warmth you feel within your chest, and direct the words, “I love you” to it. Allow those words, “I love you,” to swirl and go wherever they need to go in healing your spirit.

You are cleansing yourself vibrationally by doing any of these things. And in the enjoyment of doing them you also open space within yourself that will welcome the quality of higher vibrating things to you.

Cleansing Ancestral Ties through your Tenth Chakra

Now is a time to balance and neutralize ancestral links. These are the familial ties that connect to pieces of who you are and that are rooted in the past, in the energy that you carry from your blood line. So they are not specifically yours but have most definitely been a part of you, same as your genetics or DNA. Whether these ancestral ties have manifested through you as fear, addiction, physical pain or ailments, or in the more favorable forms of character, zest for life, connection and wisdom, or quirky habits, it is time to cleanse that palette and bring it to a new caliber of being.

Many embers of your ancestors are stored within you. Be grateful for their lives and the essence of their lessons learned. Be grateful for the path they have paved and for creating a space in time for you to exist. Feel the gratitude now that you have for them in your heart. Feel gratitude fill your heart.


You too are an ancestor. A link of lineage to the future generations of your family. You are collecting divine bits of knowledge and experience that will merge as ancestral wisdom. As you stand in your own autonomy, a strong link, you are connected to those who have come before you and to those who have yet to come. This is the sacred chain of life and your importance is paramount. You are connected by blood, by breath, and by spirit. Your ancestors step forward now and offer you this unique opportunity to cleanse.

English: Street light orbs Polski: Efekt orb, ...

When you are ready speak aloud, “”Thank you ancestors for all that you have gifted myself and my family. We are grateful for your lives and for your experiences. All ties have served a purpose and all ties have had value, but now is a time for me to carry forward only those ties that serve my highest good and soul purpose.”

Visualize the 10th chakra. It is 1 and 1/2 feet under your feet and under the surface of the Earth. It appears as the color brown. It is open and ready for recalibration.

Speak and say, “I call on all ancestral ties that are for my highest good and soul purpose to illuminate in bright white light.” See these strands lighting up in your 10th chakra.

Then say, “I call on all ancestral ties that no longer serve a purpose for the highest good of myself and my family to fall away.” See these strands too, duller in color and shrinking.

Bring your attention to the brilliance of the illuminated strands and notice how their light completely fills this chakra. The white strands are getting bigger and brighter and are fully cleansing this chakra.

Feel the strands that are not illuminated sink down deeper into the Earth as they release from your chakra and from your entire energy field. They continue to sink deeper and deeper until they are fully absorbed by the Earth and you can no longer see them. Only clear space is left behind lit up by illumination.

Sit with this for as long as you feel is necessary. You may feel physical releases within your body, a lightening of your heart, or settling of your bones.

Take a nice breath in and exhale out feeling more grounded in your own being and internally balanced.

And say, “Thank you ancestors of white light.”

As a Healer

Working as a Healer is an interesting and humbling experience. You never know what course of action will pop-up as the route to take for the person receiving the healing and you never know what will be revealed as the real cause of their issue. We all have many dimensions to who we are and often times in a healing the dimensions stretch holistically across our emotions, our mental state, our physical condition, and even our spiritual self.

To work in someone’s energy field as a healer you must be able to tune into them on a subtle level in order to pick-up on what their connections are that need to be unblocked or amped up. During a healing I am in constant communication with the person’s body, mind, and soul, as well as their spiritual guidance team, and my own, so that I can follow the signals being communicated and deliver the most optimal healing for their highest good. These signals come through as images and colors, as words heard or spoken, as physical sensations, and even as feelings or knowingness.

Also, I am not actually generating the healing energy but am quite simply the channel for the divine to move through. I am the facilitator, an important member of the team as I am here in the physical realm, but during a healing I am more so like a tool than a guiding hand. My own body, mind, and soul act as a healing field for the energy to be amplified and directed through but the divine is always the guiding hand and the energy source in this co-creative process of healing.

Being a healer takes a lot of practice and a good course of study to familiarize yourself with a particular healing technique.  Then in time as you hone in on your individual skill as a healer it becomes a little more free-flowing and ends up being so much more like play than like work. Each time that I lay my hands on someone the process emerges as its very own unique snowflake. No two healings are ever the same and the end result always crystallizes as a beautifully relaxed, re-centered, and often times revitalized individual. And each time that I lay my hands on someone I am grateful for their trust and am so humbled to be doing this work. It is truly a gift from God, both to myself, and to others.

In Honor of Earth Day & Body and Earth Mindfulness

An excerpt from my book Our Home, The Earth:

The world is in our hands

The world is in our hands

We are part of the Earth, and the Earth is part of us,

as we breathe its air, drink its water, eat its food, and live on its land.

The Earth takes care of us, and so we should take care of it.

When we take care of the Earth,

we take care of each other,

and we take care of ourselves.

     In honor of Earth Day this week I would like to offer a 15% discount off of my book Our Home, The Earth. Place your order via email at KorinnSHawkins@gmail.com. It is available in softcover and hardcover and can be previewed at www.Korinn.com.

Our Relationship with our body is an extension of our relationship with the Earth

What we often times don’t realize is that much of our own healing has to do with the Earth. The Earth is our body, we are made up of the Earth and we must heal our body for our world to wholly be in balance. For example, if we healed the Earth by doing various things such as cleaning up pollution and increasing the quality of the food we produce and consume wouldn’t our body naturally come back into balance? And wouldn’t this also increase the healthfulness of the Earth itself?

We are each a “life cell” of Great Mother Earth. You are but one that make up the many and indeed a part of the larger being called Earth, just like a cell in your own body is part of you. We are each responsible for our own body, how we view it, how we treat it, how we interact with it, and how we support it. This is true for our relationship with the Earth as well. So are you one that adds to the dis-ease of the Earth or one who heals it? Are you one who adds to the dis-ease of your own body or one who heals it? Keep in mind there might not be any easy yes or no answer here, these are complex and fluctuating relationships. However, it is important to consider your position because there is a direct and cumulative effect here and it is multiplied by 7 million (as in the number of people who inhabit the Earth).

Ask yourself these questions and explore your own harmonies and dysfunctions of being part of the Earth body. For me it is a constant challenge but also a process for growth. I like to think that if I look at it straight-on there allows an openness for awareness to creep in and for healing to occur and that is why I am posing these questions here. (No need to actually write an answer just a quick check-in as you read the questions will offer insight).

1)How do you view your body?

2)How do you view the Earth?

3)Do you place more value on your body or the Earth?

4)Do you feel it is right to value one over the other?

5)How do you treat your body?

6)How do you treat the Earth?

7)How do you support your body?

8)How do you support your Earth?

Are you seeing how the relationship with your body and the Earth are synonymously overlapping?

Pick something to improve on whether it is Earth or body related and feel good about yourself – you are a beautiful Earth Being! And remember, “When we take care of the Earth, we take care of each other, and we take care of ourselves.”

Now let’s close with expressing gratitude by placing a hand on your chest and letting your eye wander to a nearby window and saying: “I love you Earth and I love you body.”

Feel the subtleness of the two being so gently intertwined.

Astronaut’s Perspective of Earth from Space

I realize this message is dated, it is for March 23rd 2013, but I was so moved I couldn’t not share it.

It offers important perspective of our home the Earth direct from an astronaut viewing earth from space; and it takes less than 2 minutes to view.

Clearing Fear

A powerful light shining in the dark.

“Let go of fear and let in the light”

Say this mentally to yourself and feel your body relax and soften.

Visualize a bright white light come down into the top of your head.

Allow that bright white light to expand and shine all throughout your body and even beyond it.

Breathe and be in this moment with God’s divine light clearing you of the energy of your fears.

Let go of fear and let in the light.

Plants: Good for Home and Health

Houseplants and Clean Air

Houseplants and Clean Air (Photo credit: Chiot’s Run)

The other day while out shopping I was drawn to buying a plant for my home. The price was $8.88, and since I had had a dream of receiving a phone call from 888-888-???? that morning, I couldn’t resist.  It’s always great to green-up space but I was surprised to read some compelling information on the plants tag. It read:

According to a NASA study, houseplants have been shown to remove toxins from the air, increase energy and health, and reduce noise.”

The tag also recommended placing 10 to 15 plants around your home for optimum health benefits. Hmm, makes me want to buy more plants. However, I am not the best at watering my poor plants so I think I will start with this one in addition to the other two I have. I’ve been calling him, “honey plant” and my sweet little two-year old has already been smooching on him. Too funny! I really believe plants like the positive energy of being talked to. I think our new “honey plant” will be happy, as long as I can do my job and keep him watered.