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Tan Tiens, Chakras, and Meridians Oh My!

About a week and a half ago I received a newsletter from a local healing center in Hudson, WI. At the bottom of it they advertised a free AcuEnergetics meet-up. I had never heard of AcuEnergetics so I clicked on the link and was blown away or should I  say swept away, as I was instantly drawn to it. It turns out that AcuEnergetics is a healing modality developed by a gentleman from Australia who has been studying energy for 40 years! It combines the knowledge and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Judaic knowledge from the Kabbalah, Indian Ayurveda, and western healing traditions into one complex and comprehensive healing modality.

As a healer I currently work with knowledge of the chakra system, the energy body and its layers, and crystals. I have no clue about meridians and had never even heard of tan tiens but one thing that became instantly apparent was that I wanted to learn. I have been craving new knowledge and a bump-up in my energy practice and now my quest for growth has been ignited with a passion to pursue this modality. Needless to say I am going to that free meeting.

I also want to add here that up until this point I took myself seriously, in terms of a career, as a writer and not as serious as a healer.  Being a healer has been a fun side thing while writing has been my more determined focus for a career. However, as I look back at myself 6 years ago I can see that the two actually emerged from within me at the same time; hand in hand. I have always carried these potentials inside of me, they are two aspects of myself, being a writer and being a healer. And now I feel is the time where they start to become one and I perfect my craft even further of being a healing writer.

Although I don’t exactly know where AcuEnergetics will take me it has definitely shown up on my path to take serious.  It also encourages me to take myself more serious as a healer. Perhaps that has been a confidence piece I have been missing to really give myself permission to do it as a career and not just for fun. Kind of like, I know I can do it but can I really do it? Am I good enough to get paid?

Sometimes you just have to jump with blind faith and believe in yourself, “I can do this.” Or sometimes you just have to receive from the universe the divine offering that, “Here, you can do this!”  Did I mention that AcuEnergetics is not currently in the United States at all!? That’s what really gets my attention. This modality is coming here, right now, to my neighboring town, and I am a part of it. I know that there have been years of divine preparation to align this opportunity and I get to be part of it. Lucky me 😉

Learn more about AcuEnergetics:

Website: http://www.acuenergetics.com/

Feeling a Little under the Weather

I am trying my hardest to fight off a bug with herbal teas, essential oils, vitamins, and sleep.

I remember that last year I detoxed in December and was not sick for the whole rest of the cold and flu season. That was really nice and a good reminder that what we eat directly affects our bodies immunity.‎

I have also been charging my water again as any lift in vibration helps. And of course asking the angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides to heal me. This morning I hit the snooze button twice and instead of sleeping I called on them. I could see a couple of them come in and I got a nice 20 minute session of energy pulsing to me to help boost my vibration and to help me release some forgiveness I had been harboring, which could have also been bringing my physical health down. Now that I am up and moving around I actually feel invigorated (I know, weird) and can feel drainage in the back of my throat so I know the illness is moving and that’s a good thing.

To call on your team of spirit healers to heal you:

Sit or lay in a quiet space and say, “God, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides please heal me.”

If you like you can put your hands on the parts of your body where you feel you need the most healing. Then simply relax and receive.

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We are living in a sea of energy composed of electromagnetic fields that overlap into our own. Not only are we affected by the energy fields of other human beings but we too are affected by the invisible energy that is being emitted by the technology that surrounds us. Electrosmog, if you have not heard of this term before, is environmental pollution caused by the electromagnetic radiation of electrical devices such as cell phones, televisions, computers, and so on.

To me it seems a bit overwhelming, almost like we are in too deep how could we ever reverse the effect? But then there is Science, with knowledge to be gained and progress to be made. Luckily with expanding awareness of these issues, and the study of them, comes knowledge of what precautions can be made. For example, don’t sleep with your phone next to your head, turn off your computer and other electrical devices, and don’t just have them juicing your house with their electromagnetic frequencies all day and night. There are even combative products already in existence that can neutralize electromagnetic frequencies and cut down on our absorption of them like Memon and salt lamps.

I was first told about “memonization” from a friend. She has purchased Memon products that stick right on her families cell phones and are designed to neutralize the negative effects of their frequencies. The local homeopathic and acupuncture practitioner where she was able to purchase them from has an even larger one in their office to which she said she can just feel the difference.

As someone who understands the world of energy another thing that I will try to do is to strengthen my own, and my children’s energy fields. I do this through the energy work of clearing and bringing in white light to surround them and protect them. By amping up their energy field they are less susceptible to fall stress to others fields just like when you are stable in your sense of yourself you sway less in the face of others. I will also do it on a more cellular level by feeding them well. The foods we eat have a direct effect on our health and our ability to resist disease and that’s what I have the largest control over right now. Well, that and limiting the amount of time that is spent gaming or watching tv.

Here is a prayer I wrote for my children. I read it every morning and visualize that bright and clear light surrounding them:

Dear God and the Divine Teams of my children (fill-in their names),

I pray for you to clear and surround them with a protective bubble of white light ensuring that anything that is not for their highest good stays away. I ask that you watch over them and keep them safe and protected at all times for eternity. ~ Amen

By no means do I know the ins and outs of this topic. It simply has been brought to my attention which led me to do a little research for myself. Here are a few links to begin with if you would like to do the same…

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Plants: Good for Home and Health

Houseplants and Clean Air

Houseplants and Clean Air (Photo credit: Chiot’s Run)

The other day while out shopping I was drawn to buying a plant for my home. The price was $8.88, and since I had had a dream of receiving a phone call from 888-888-???? that morning, I couldn’t resist.  It’s always great to green-up space but I was surprised to read some compelling information on the plants tag. It read:

According to a NASA study, houseplants have been shown to remove toxins from the air, increase energy and health, and reduce noise.”

The tag also recommended placing 10 to 15 plants around your home for optimum health benefits. Hmm, makes me want to buy more plants. However, I am not the best at watering my poor plants so I think I will start with this one in addition to the other two I have. I’ve been calling him, “honey plant” and my sweet little two-year old has already been smooching on him. Too funny! I really believe plants like the positive energy of being talked to. I think our new “honey plant” will be happy, as long as I can do my job and keep him watered.