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When life gets confusing call in your higher self

Sometimes life is confusing. Sometimes you feel like you don’t know what to do or which direction to go. That is when it can be helpful to call in your higher self to do some work for you.

This is a little exercise that will help you attune with your higher self and set the intention for the law of attraction to deliver the highest vibration of possibilities into your life.



Take 3 deep breaths.

Inhale… exhale… inhale… exhale… inhale… exhale…

Now with your pointer finger held above the top of your head swirl your crown chakra energy in a clockwise direction and say, “white light clear.”

When you feel like you are done pull your crown chakra energy up to the Heavens by simply lifting your hand and your pointer finger up and away from the top of your head until it is pointing upwards. As you do this say, “white light open.”

Visualize this beam of white light traveling up so high that you can see it connect into the bright white glowing belly of God.

Now, also visualize this beam of white light travel down through your body and anchor you peacefully into the earth.

Next you can say, “I call on my higher self to be one with me.” Take a moment here to breathe and let your energy integrate.

When you feel ready affirm, “My higher self is present and attracts everything that comes to me through my highest vibration.” Allow yourself to feel and see the bubble of white light that fully surrounds you.

In closing feel free to close your eyes and settle into this space of divine vibration where you have called on your higher self to magnetize and attract for you.

And be thankful. “Thank you God.”


Safe and Sound

Life is one big drama being played out. However, the deeper truth of it is that no matter what we are always surrounded by God and spiritually protected.

There is in fact a piece of our soul that never falls from heaven. It never absorbs the hurt and the shock of what terrors and pains we may experience here. It is the piece of us that can see the good in everything because it is still pure and unmarred. It is our higher self and it is always clear and in tune with God at the highest vibration. Now if we could only just connect with our higher self and know that we are never alone and that despite all of life’s dramas we are free to live without fear because, “we know that we’ll be safe and sound.”

Here is an invocation of your higher self:

“I call on my higher self, my inner self, and my conscious self to merge as one so that I am the  embodiment of my true self here on earth.”