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Ok, I think I get it!

Sometimes I try too hard. Apparently that can actually block what it is that I’m trying to achieve. Bummer right!?

It’s like that scene from the Tommy Boy movie where Chris Farley pets the roll (see clip below).

In bringing awareness to my glitches today I had an amazing healing session and this is the phrase that I am left with…

dove release

I don’t have to control how things happen

I only need to trust that all will work out.

Feeling freer and lighter and happier right now 🙂

And letting go of being in control of how things happen and not doing this again…

Help Me Improve


Today I am asking you what it is you would like to see in my blog?

Are there any topics or questions you would be interested in?

What have you liked and want to see more of?

What have you disliked?

Any and all comments, feedback and criticism, are greatly appreciated.

Thank you so very much for being my reader!

Much Appreciation!

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Working with Kali

English: Photograph of the Goddess Kali Mata s...

English: Photograph of the Goddess Kali Mata statue at the Shiv-Kali Temple at Chittranjan Park (C.R.Park), New Delhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to be afraid to work with Kali because she would push me to face my inner fears and challenges. A few years back when she would pop-up to work with me I would think to myself, “oh great,” and then kind of clench in anticipation of what was to come, like sitting atop a roller coaster when you are just about to plunge downward. However, in time I grew more comfortable with her learning that indeed she is a blessing.  She has helped me work through a lot of stuff and never leaves me once crap gets dumped on me and the crap is always rooted in my own fears.

Kali’s biggest lesson to me has been helping me to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable. She keeps leading me in the direction to own being ok within myself when the world outside of me is not. Being able to create the world around me in peace, love, and joy even when I see murder, and hate, and rape. As a sensitive light being those have been hard things to take and energetically there have been times where it feels like it quakes through me even though the only receptor I have of them is through the television. For so long I would turn away from these horrible acts because it was just too much for me to listen to and to absorb into my awareness. But I was wrong. That doesn’t help anyone. And this is what Kali has taught me:

1) Don’t turn away. Look at it! Look it in its eyes to see it for what it is.

2) See through it. Know what evil is – Fear, lack of love, self-hatred, and the projection onto others of these issues stemming from the turmoil of the internal self.

3) And then heal it. “I send True, Pure, and Masterful Love to you” or “God please send True, Pure, and Masterful Love to them.” See it sealed in pink light with the intention to heal and it is instant. The energy is delivered instantly.

Isn’t this kind of where the world is going? There is so much outside of ourselves we cannot control, so we are to instead empower ourself and focus on establishing our own inner sense of stability, comfort, peace, and light and unto the world our energy shall flow just through being us and healing the world one positive vibration sent at a time. Not one man can conquer the world alone but a collective of lighthearted beings together can change the course of time and history… and we will.

Thank you Kali for sharing your wisdom with me.

Experience and Insight of a Friend

A dear friend of mine, Annette Schaab, had shared an incredible experience she recently had and I wanted to share it with you in her words…

“I had a revelation last night: I was driving home in the snow, from clearing the energy in my clients home, when all of a sudden I saw red break lights. All I knew is I had 2 get off on the ramp that was to my right. I was not afraid at all, not because I thought I was invincible,  but because I knew if I would be afraid I would attract the very thing I was afraid of. It was instantaneous!  As I was exiting the ramp, a car came spinning out of control & my 1st instinct was to send energy to that car to make sure they were safe. it didn’t  cross my mind that I could possibly hit it & I was still centered with peace fron the meditative state I was in while conducting the clearing. The out of control car repelled me like opposite ends of a magnet. Though we were inches away. I knew that I would be safe as long as I stayed centered & at peace and I was! I arrived home safe and sound! When facing something unknown it is important to stay centered & at peace so you can repel fear & attract the outcome you desire.” ~ Annette Schaab

Thank you Annette for sharing your experience and insight with us!
Annette, along with Ruby May, is also the author of the children’s book The Secret Power Within Us All, which beautifully teaches the power and magic of Healing Crystals and their effects on our bodies, minds, and spirits. It is a wonderful book, one of our family favorites.

The Secret Power Within Us All is available on amazon:

The Many Dimensions of Sight

(This post might take a little more attention and a little more mental imagery to receive its depth, but read the whole thing with mindfulness and I think you will find it was worth the time and effort.-KSH)

I am sitting at my kitchen table writing. I pause to take a sip of my dark tea that has been sweetened by honey. As I put it down my eyes follow my hand and I focus on the liquid in the cup. I watch as it rises against the inner side of the cup and then rhythmically lowers. The liquid swishes and then stills. I notice two little flecks of something, tea granules perhaps. They dance and twirl around in a circular motion each one following the other as they go. My lips bend upward in a soft smile as I watch these two little bits play in motion. I notice I can feel them in some unexplainable way inside of me. Literally inside of me. I feel the spin of their dance. It is swirling in the same circular motion in some untouchable place within, at the same time that I am watching them swirl outside of me in the cup. Perhaps that too is what’s making me smile.

I lean over closer and get a better look. They are not tea granules, but just two happy bubbles suspended at the top of the tea. I look down at them as they too slow and still and then my eyes shift focus onto a white blotch that reflects against the brown of the liquid. I didn’t even notice it until this very moment and now it is plain to see. I am looking at the perfect reflection of the light that hangs over my kitchen table only it is not above me, it is below me. The image appears so clear, so real, that the tiny detail of the thin illuminated wire within the bulb is unarguable, same as the word “ACE” printed on its top.

But as real as this image is I know it is just a reflection. A thought comes to me… What if life is like this? A reflection, an image of something, but not the source itself. We can look into the reflection and see many things, even feel many things. But what is deeper than what we see is what we know. What if I lost touch with knowing what I know? What if I thought the reflection of the light bulb was the real lightbulb and not just a reflection? Then I think… Perhaps it’s time to get back to what we know and stop focusing on the mere reflection of what we see.

As this tea cup has shown me, we can be looking at one thing, but it can be seen in many different ways. It can be experienced or felt in many different ways as well. These perceptions are through the reflection of life that we all are living in. We each see things differently, feel and experience things differently, but if we turn our eyes here, now, back to Source it’s all the same, we are all the same, and this truth is held in the fact that everything comes from the same source.

It’s like the tip of your index finger and the tip of your thumb coming together to meet each other face to face (that’s right, hold up your hand and watch as you put them together now).  As they come together they see each other close up, they see each other as separate. One says, “I am an index finger.” And one says, “I am a thumb.” But they have forgotten in the face of their differences that they branch from the same place… the palm… the hand… the arm… your arm… you… you are the source. The Source is within you. And so that is where you need to adjust your sight. To focus on and to look now, inside of yourself, and in such a way that you can forget about what you see and let what you know reflect back at you instead.

Here is a picture of that plain and simple cup of tea that inspired all of this to unfold:

Look at it and ask yourself, “What do I see?”

Do you see the cup? Do you see the tea? Do you see the light? Or do you see an eye looking back at you, beckoning you to also take a look at yourself, and to look past the reflection of what this world shows you to a much, much deeper place. A place of knowing the true source of who you are.

Preview My Book Our Home, The Earth

Here are the first pages of my book Our Home, The Earth!


 This book is dedicated to

all adults.

If you teach a child to care for the Earth

you ARE changing the world.

So thank you.


Special thanks go to Samantha Cole and Corey Hawkins

for their photographic contributions.

All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2012 by Korinn S. Hawkins

No part of this publication can be reproduced without the

prior permission of the author.

Contact the author at KorinnSHawkins@gmail.com

Our Home, The Earth


By Korinn S. Hawkins



It was a brightly lit and beautiful day on planet Earth, and the sky was that perfect shade of blue that you cannot find in a crayon. The birds were singing and the squirrels were chasing around in the park where Gavin and his mother were taking his sister, Marin, for a stroll.

Oh, happy day. Oh, happy, happy, happy day.

They smiled, and they laughed, and they walked, until, that is, they came upon a plastic bag lying abandoned in the grass!


“Ewww,” Mom said. “Oh, how sad. How very, very sad, sad, sad.” She shook her head.

“What, Mom? What’s wrong? What is that?” Gavin asked.

“Oh, Gavin, that’s someone’s garbage.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Well, garbage is what’s left over when people use something. It’s the unwanted part, the waste, and somebody must have left it there.”

“Ewww,” Gavin said with a crinkle-nosed face.


“But it needs to always be put in a garbage can and never just thrown out on the Earth,” she cautioned.

“Why?” Gavin asked.

You see, Gavin is five, and he quite likes to ask the question, “Why?” So you may just be hearing a lot of that word in this book. And as for his mother, well, she’s doing her best at answering his questions in a way that he will understand, as every parent does when a child asks, “Why?” And usually she would try to answer him in such a way that the “Why?” questions would stop, as most parents do, but not this time. Nope, this is a special question…

Mom invited Gavin to sit with her in the grass and have a drink of water and a box of raisins as his sister napped in the stroller. And, just to remind you, the question was, “Why is it so important to always take care of our garbage and never just leave it lying around anywhere on the Earth?”

And so the story continues…

Gavin’s mom began telling him all that she felt he needed to know. “Gavin, this is our Earth,” she said as she laid her hands in the cool grass and pressed her palms into the ground. “This is our one and only home.”

“Why?” Gavin asked curiously.

“Well, just as we have our home that Daddy, and Sister, and you, and I live in, and that house is special to us, we also live in an even bigger home. One that we share with everyone and everything, and that home is called Earth.”

The story continues from here…

… inspiring an awareness of how to care for the Earth, why it is important, and why children are so important to the Earth as they are able to lend a hand in helping the Earth to be healthy and heal, for the well-being of all. It is my hope for you to delight in sharing this book with the children that you are blessed to lay an impression on. We all want the same thing; a happy healthy world. This book adds to the collective effort that we all make and inspires future generations to do the same.

Thanks for reading this excerpt! If you enjoyed it don’t feel shy to share it with others. As a self-published author word of mouth means everything!

To order your copy please visit:



Wouldn’t it be great in life if we all had a crowd to cheer us on?

Support and recognition are so motivating! So be sure to surround yourself with those who are cheering for you in all areas of your life.

The following video shares the story of one incredible boy whose drive and motivation will touch your heart and inspire you to reach for your own goals no matter how big or small. It is your turn to be inspired today and to commit to yourself to just keep moving forward. You don’t have to go fast, you just have to keep going.

Click below to be redirected to ESPN Video and watch this incredible story.

Link:  Matt Woodrum, Run With Me