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Who Me Radioactive?

It’s a hard thing to admit when your behavior is toxic. It’s even harder to not let the guilt of it disarm your own self-love.

This is what I stared in the face a few days back going through a very challenging day as a mother. Yes, we all have these days I know. Whether you are 2 or 33, it doesn’t matter, it’s the humanness of us, the ability to experience and get swept up by an emotional rollercoaster. And on this particular day, with it came the realization that I was actually the one leading the radioactiveness. I was being the hub of negativity and was charged to bump against those others in my environment and then burst. Angry and yelling, not that consequences weren’t called for, but crossing that line of being overly reactive where all involved were made to feel like crap and suffer for it; myself included.

So what’s the point? Why is it ever beneficial to get your ass reamed or to raise your voice up a notch to the point where it’s not even recognizable as your own voice anymore? Who is benefiting here?

One could argue that putting a little bit of fear into someone can have an offsetting affect to get the result you want. But isn’t that kind of the “old” way of doing things? Using fear like a power to gain a false sense of the situation being handled when really it’s just establishing a breeding ground for other little bits of negativity to develop like withdrawal, resentment, anger, and of course lets not forget shattered pieces of self-esteem.

Isn’t the “new” way supposed to be based in love and compassion? There is such a thing as tough love and it doesn’t necessarily mean screaming your head off at someone. It means being firm, clear in your boundaries and consequences, and following through.

In this particular moment of seeing myself as radioactive, toxic to all in my environment because I was having a bad day, enlightenment came through and granted an awareness to choose better. To be empowered by the choice to move forward, one day at a time, and to consciously choose to show up better than what I had. In the end my behavior had helped no one. It dragged me through anger, argument, and then tears, but also somehow through its grace it let me see me, and accept me, and then offered an opportunity to start anew.

Isn’t that one of the most amazing things about human beings? Our ability to start over no matter the depths and the losses we have endured. Whether it be addiction, violence, crime, or other mistakes made, or even just a maddeningly bad day at home with the kids, the human spirit is so strong and can rise above all when conscious choice is made to do so.

Reflecting now on that feeling of being toxically radioactive, maybe there is some deeper truth to be pondered here. Maybe we all are radioactive in a sense, emitting that which radiates from us whether it’s anger, fear, peace, or love. Radioactively sending out waves of energy that indefinitely affect those around us. Perhaps the bigger lesson here is to learn to radiate in such a way that it changes that which is in our environment for the better.

We can use the conscious power to radiate from a positive state and that supports all that we radiate to and in turn can bring about profound positive changes. It is in this way that we can be positively radioactive and co-create within our world by being the change we wish to see.

I’m radioactive, how about you? 😉

Freedom is a Right

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

~ The United States Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776

Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you feel it appropriate to celebrate your God-given right of freedom then join in the celebration of Independence today. God bless.

A Fourth of July fireworks display at the Wash...

A Fourth of July fireworks display at the Washington Monument. Location: WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (DC) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Words of Wisdom from author Marianne Williamson

Words of wisdom from Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

From her book A Return to Love.

June Horoscope

Astrological signs

Astrological signs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Check out your horoscope for the month by D.K. Brainard:


“Quote” by Korinn

Another Beautiful Sunrise

Another Beautiful Sunrise (Photo credit: Robby Ryke)

“A day late is never a day too late.”

If you have something you have been wanting to do… why not do it?

How You See Yourself and How Others See You

Once upon a time there was a little star that looked just like you. The star grew and grew and became bigger and brighter and knew only joy and peace. But then one day the little star noticed an even bigger and brighter star and it began to judge and compare itself to this other bright and beautiful star. It began to forget how big and bright and beautiful it was. It said, “I’m not as sparkly. I’m not as pretty.” And then it began to doubt its own shine and slowly started to fade and dim.

What happened to the little star who dimmed its own light by not believing that its shine was bright enough? I don’t know… but I’m sure your story is not over yet.

Beyond the skin and bone of who you are lies the star shine of your soul. It is not to be dimmed, it is to grow and expand. Your star shine is your essence and when people look at you that is what they see beyond your skin and bone. The skin and bone is only the dense material it has to get through in order to shine bigger and brighter.

We put too much emphasis on what we think we look like in the eyes of others when the truth of it is that we are all shining stars and if we could let go of comparison and judgment then we would continue moving forward in building our capacity to shine instead of hindering it.

In Honor of Earth Day & Body and Earth Mindfulness

An excerpt from my book Our Home, The Earth:

The world is in our hands

The world is in our hands

We are part of the Earth, and the Earth is part of us,

as we breathe its air, drink its water, eat its food, and live on its land.

The Earth takes care of us, and so we should take care of it.

When we take care of the Earth,

we take care of each other,

and we take care of ourselves.

     In honor of Earth Day this week I would like to offer a 15% discount off of my book Our Home, The Earth. Place your order via email at KorinnSHawkins@gmail.com. It is available in softcover and hardcover and can be previewed at www.Korinn.com.

Our Relationship with our body is an extension of our relationship with the Earth

What we often times don’t realize is that much of our own healing has to do with the Earth. The Earth is our body, we are made up of the Earth and we must heal our body for our world to wholly be in balance. For example, if we healed the Earth by doing various things such as cleaning up pollution and increasing the quality of the food we produce and consume wouldn’t our body naturally come back into balance? And wouldn’t this also increase the healthfulness of the Earth itself?

We are each a “life cell” of Great Mother Earth. You are but one that make up the many and indeed a part of the larger being called Earth, just like a cell in your own body is part of you. We are each responsible for our own body, how we view it, how we treat it, how we interact with it, and how we support it. This is true for our relationship with the Earth as well. So are you one that adds to the dis-ease of the Earth or one who heals it? Are you one who adds to the dis-ease of your own body or one who heals it? Keep in mind there might not be any easy yes or no answer here, these are complex and fluctuating relationships. However, it is important to consider your position because there is a direct and cumulative effect here and it is multiplied by 7 million (as in the number of people who inhabit the Earth).

Ask yourself these questions and explore your own harmonies and dysfunctions of being part of the Earth body. For me it is a constant challenge but also a process for growth. I like to think that if I look at it straight-on there allows an openness for awareness to creep in and for healing to occur and that is why I am posing these questions here. (No need to actually write an answer just a quick check-in as you read the questions will offer insight).

1)How do you view your body?

2)How do you view the Earth?

3)Do you place more value on your body or the Earth?

4)Do you feel it is right to value one over the other?

5)How do you treat your body?

6)How do you treat the Earth?

7)How do you support your body?

8)How do you support your Earth?

Are you seeing how the relationship with your body and the Earth are synonymously overlapping?

Pick something to improve on whether it is Earth or body related and feel good about yourself – you are a beautiful Earth Being! And remember, “When we take care of the Earth, we take care of each other, and we take care of ourselves.”

Now let’s close with expressing gratitude by placing a hand on your chest and letting your eye wander to a nearby window and saying: “I love you Earth and I love you body.”

Feel the subtleness of the two being so gently intertwined.

Baby Blanket Gifted from Heaven

When I was pregnant with my daughter Marin I had a psychic reading in which I was told that my daughter would “receive” a blanket from my dead mother. The psychic said somehow the blanket would be brought into our life and that it would end up being her favorite blanket. For months and months after she was born I was very curious and wondering, “Will it be this blanket? Or maybe this one? How about this one?”

Finally, one day I was out shopping and happened by the fabric section of a store. There was a really cute pastel patchwork material that stuck out to me as I passed by. I wondered again as I had done so many times before, “Could this be the blanket?” I grabbed the material off the shelf and followed my intuition, that gut instinct nudging me to buy it. To my surprise as I approached the check-out I was met with an instant confirmation.

You see, a couple of days before while out driving I spotted two random yellow balloons floating up high in the sky. I smiled to myself knowing that in someway that was my mother’s way of telling me hello. I didn’t know how the balloons got there, or why, but it didn’t matter. What mattered was that I saw them, that I was meant to see them, and that when I did see them I knew instantly that they were from my mother and for me. The right place at the right time kinda thing and it was the same in the store on this particular day because as I walked up to the cash register to buy a ream of fabric just big enough to make a blanket for my sweet little daughter I was greeted by a yellow balloon tied to the check-out. I knew instantly that this fabric was meant to be a blanket for my Marin and from my mother who it seemed was sending me another signal via a yellow balloon.

So I had the fabric made into a blanket and we gifted it to my daughter for her first birthday.

Marin getting her blanket (notice the orb in the picture).

Marin getting her blanket (notice the orb in the picture).

My daughter is now 2 1/2. She has a select few blankets that are her favorites; one of them being this particular blanket that I speak of. And just the other day she plainly started calling it her “Grandma Blanket.” What made the connection even more obvious is that we don’t call her living Grandmother “grandma,” ever! So for Marin to claim this as her “Grandma” blanket pointed from all directions towards my dearly deceased Mom.

(Love you Mom! Thanks for being in my children’s life even if it has to be from Heaven. We’ll take you any way we can get you ;-))

One last bit of information to add is that in the same year this happened for my daughter it also happened for my son.

My son Gavin had asked for a suitcase for his birthday. Really? What 4-year-old wants a suitcase for his birthday? Despite the desire to purchase him a much more exciting gift we bought him a kid’s size suitcase from Target. On his birthday as he was opening up all of the zipper compartments to check it out he pulled from one of them a harmonica! Now, this wasn’t any kind of harmonica that you would find at your local Target. It was worn and made of metal and wood, and played like a professional grade instrument. It didn’t matter how it got there, or why, but what mattered in that moment was that it was there, and that it was for Gavin. I remember looking up at my husband after Gavin pulled the harmonica out as if he had known it was there. The shared awe in our eyes as they met confirmed in an instant that indeed this was a very special gift given from Heaven and from my Mother.

This Sunday will mark the 12 year anniversary of her death. I am happy she still resides in our heart and in our home.

An Inspiring Quote to Embrace

Free Bird...

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Experience and Insight of a Friend

A dear friend of mine, Annette Schaab, had shared an incredible experience she recently had and I wanted to share it with you in her words…

“I had a revelation last night: I was driving home in the snow, from clearing the energy in my clients home, when all of a sudden I saw red break lights. All I knew is I had 2 get off on the ramp that was to my right. I was not afraid at all, not because I thought I was invincible,  but because I knew if I would be afraid I would attract the very thing I was afraid of. It was instantaneous!  As I was exiting the ramp, a car came spinning out of control & my 1st instinct was to send energy to that car to make sure they were safe. it didn’t  cross my mind that I could possibly hit it & I was still centered with peace fron the meditative state I was in while conducting the clearing. The out of control car repelled me like opposite ends of a magnet. Though we were inches away. I knew that I would be safe as long as I stayed centered & at peace and I was! I arrived home safe and sound! When facing something unknown it is important to stay centered & at peace so you can repel fear & attract the outcome you desire.” ~ Annette Schaab

Thank you Annette for sharing your experience and insight with us!
Annette, along with Ruby May, is also the author of the children’s book The Secret Power Within Us All, which beautifully teaches the power and magic of Healing Crystals and their effects on our bodies, minds, and spirits. It is a wonderful book, one of our family favorites.

The Secret Power Within Us All is available on amazon: