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Today I am asking you what it is you would like to see in my blog?

Are there any topics or questions you would be interested in?

What have you liked and want to see more of?

What have you disliked?

Any and all comments, feedback and criticism, are greatly appreciated.

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A New Year Begins Today…

Ever feel like you have been preparing your whole life for this moment? That is what I am feeling like today, only it is not for this moment it is for the potential contained within this moment. I have been preparing potential for lifetimes. I see now. Lifetimes upon lifetimes, preparing myself, my soul, to step forward into the mists of my potential. It is not concrete it is divine, it has no form, I have no form, my potential is formless and so it is just me… Today feels so still and so pregnant, pregnant with possibility.


I have been acquiring new spiritual foods to nourish myself and an intuitive forecast of the coming year is marked by change. And here I sit at the foot of it, my first day beyond my birthday. I am in awe of the potential that lies within this day, the potential that lies within me. Tears come to my eyes as I feel my own truth… I am a gift. I am a gift. I mean this not out of ego or even opinion, it’s deeper than that. It stretches through my very being as a feeling connected to the knowingness that God and I are one. This is humanity’s truth. We are all awakening on our own levels in our own time and of our own accord. It is a journey that takes lifetimes. Unfolding and knowing self as a gift, self as a space, a mind, a soul, and a light, self as God. I am floating and light as I write this. Not quite corded to the physical plane right now, but I don’t care. I don’t care because I am touching the truth of who we all are… gifts of God’s true, pure, and masterful love.

The year will unfold accordingly and I know I have challenges to come but in today, and really even just in this moment, I feel all the potential of what I am capable of in this tiny little year of time and so I pray for my own soul to be strong, to be courageous, to be still, and to surrender and follow God’s divine lead. A lead only I can hear for myself through my own soul and my own heart. I pray for my own soul to live its potential of the highest caliber, manifesting God’s truth through me. My body feels so tingly and the air around me is so charged with spirit. I take a moment and drink in this mass of light energy through my crown chakra allowing it to settle into my system. Breathing out peacefully and settling into my bones as I sit. I shift back a bit in my chair, unintentionally, moved by spirit. My eyes are closed as my fingers type. My whole body hums with that which is the universe. I can see the stars within me as my true origin lies out there, somewhere among the stars, a starry night person. I am bigger than this world and so are you.

I don’t know when your birthday is but damn, happy birthday to you, and may you live out all of your highest potential in the years to come.
Sometimes feelings can’t be expressed in words, but wow what a feeling this is.

Parting thoughts to share…
The other day after meditation I asked, “God show me what I can soar with?” To which the reply was, “Love. Love, love, love, love, love. Soar with love; the most powerful thing.”
Yes, I speak direct to God. There’s no separation. And you can too, there is no separation for you as well. As a dear and wise friend once said, “I am not special, unique, or exceptional what I can do you can do too.” And that is God’s honest truth for you to discover as well. You carry so much potential just simply by being. All of the potential is already contained within it’s just a matter of connecting to it and allowing it to take its form through you.

Also, today just before I sat down to meditate and “leave earth” (lol) my guidance gave me this advice, “Surrender and allow. Feel into every moment. Don’t make choices ahead of time. Feel. Feel into the moments, surrender, and allow.” My afterthoughts I wrote down were… Stop trying to control. The true potential is held within the space and time of feeling into the moment. And in the moment of feeling into it and allowing, is the openness. The openness that leads us to our highest potential and most conscious choices. It is called conscious living and as a species we are still volleying back and forth between conciousness and unconsciousness but here we are today, and the potential is ours!

Swimming Upstream

There is a lot going on in our world today.

My constant message from my guidance is to continue to work on myself.

As I pulled a card today for myself it appeared upside down. Two fish swimming in a stream. The intuitive words spoken, “swimming upstream.” That is the message of my current place in life. One shared by many.

It feels like there is a lot of work to be done, a lot to be done in the world. It feels like it is going to take a lot of effort to get to where I am going (and I thank God for my tools of divine guidance to spell it out a little clearer for me).

I don’t know a whole lot about fish and swimming upstream but curiosity led me to google and I came upon this beautiful post written by another fellow blogger that felt like it fit perfectly:


Based on what I read there it seems that in swimming upstream, we are working for the greater good. We are working for the next generations to come, of our children, and their children, and so on. We are working for the promise and hope of the future existing through the cycle of life and with the hope that it will be a beautiful life for them.

The underlying truth in “swimming upstream” is that the trials, challenges, and adversities we face are all with purpose as they solidify in the spiritual and earthly gifts we pass on to our children of the world. It is our personal investments in our self that we work to achieve but that will also be the achievements of our children. We are to lead their minds and their hearts in such a way that may be contrary to the “reality” of the chaotic outside world. We are to lead them to Peace, to Love, to Joy, and to Faith. And that is how we will ensure a bright future for our families to come, by creating it ourself. Traveling it as our own path and instilling it as truth for our families well-being.

Through human beings God’s message to the world is that, “love exists.”

Love exists…

Now, there is no evil in the world that can change that. So just keep on loving and keep on swimming upstream.

May God Bless You and Bless All Beings of Our World. Amen! ~Love Realized

Message for the day…

Look inside yourself; to heal the world.

Stoke the fire within and trust your intuition because new things are coming to you.

At this time it is so important to achieve balance between body, mind, and spirit. Your spirit is the one that can keep you in-check if you hold on to it and pay it attention.

In which area are you out of balance most? Is it your mind, your connect to your spirit, or your body?

Choose one simple thing to do today and take a step toward restoring inner balance and that peace in your life which radiates from the inside out.


For Body – Move your body more today, find time to dance, or drink more water.

For Mind – Adopt a mantra for the day and repeat it regularly in your mind. Example, “I am worthy.”

For Spirit – Send your spirit love. Take a centering breath, focus on the warmth you feel within your chest, and direct the words, “I love you” to it. Allow those words, “I love you,” to swirl and go wherever they need to go in healing your spirit.

You are cleansing yourself vibrationally by doing any of these things. And in the enjoyment of doing them you also open space within yourself that will welcome the quality of higher vibrating things to you.

Dream of “Delphium”

Delphium is not a word I am familiar with. In fact it is a word I have never heard of. Easy enough to confuse it with the word Delphinium which is in fact a beautiful flower. However, in the transmission of information that was communicated in my dream state it was clear there was to be no confusion here and that the word I was meant to bring to conciousness is indeed Delphium.

It came through in my dreams repeated times: Delphium, Delphium, Delphium. It was so clear and prominent for me to remember. In fact at one point I even woke myself up enough to lean over and scribble the word onto a piece of paper on my nightstand. And when I woke up officially just 30 minutes ago the word was still floating clearly in my consciousness and I recalled it instantly and with certainty. Delphium.

The last images of my dreams where also of me finding my place. There was a sense that this location was a place to make a home. It was a space where the waters of the sea were in communion with a rocky pebbly beach. No sand just rocks. Gray and round and smooth and peaceful. The water soaked into them and it felt like home. Another image I am remembering now from deeper back in my dream state was of a family out on a boat. The little girl was hanging off the front of the boat and the boy was just jumping in the wide open ocean. The family was having fun playing in the water. But then two rhinoceros like noses protruded from the waters like whales. Up for air and then below, then up again and below. It was easy to tell they were gentle beings going about their own business and that they were huge underneath the water where I could not see. The boy successfully got out of the water, back onto the boat. The girl was lifted up out of the water and taken for a short ride on top of one of the rhinoceros noses. She smiled and squealed and it was great fun for her but then she disappeared. Even though the dream images communicated that the family could now not see her in the water and that they could not find her there was a sense that she was ok and then following that came a knowingness that she made it to shore. She did not get lost in the waters. Despite her separation from her family at sea she found her own way to land and saved herself. And I say “saved” lightly because there was never really anything to be saved from, like there was always a certainty that she would make it despite the wide open sea that she had been swallowed in. The feel of it all was very calm and very sure that she was just fine and always had been.

Upon awakening this morning with all of this behind me I asked, “What is Delphium?” I did not receive any real response but a feeling emerged from within me much like something surfacing from the water. I connected it with another word I had received recently, “Glorion” which felt like another world. To me “Delphium” felt like another world too, an underwater like world, and I actually could see myself as a mermaid swimming towards the surface of the water. Going even deeper than this there is a sense that it is an inner world, a world that exists inside. It feels like there is much coming to the surface that I cannot explain and yet I am very much submerged in it. Does this make sense for you too? It feels like “Glorion” is the world outside of me that shines millions of light years away and is bright and glowy and “Delphium” is the deep and dark watery world that subsides within me. And yet I am at one with both of these worlds.

I don’t know what all of this really means other than just simply taking it for what it says it is and then moving on with my day. But I do know that as I woke up this morning I felt like a big shiny ball of light glowing from the inside out and that felt… magnificent. I wanted to hold onto that inner feeling, but now fully awake it is gone, from the surface of my human awareness anyway. So I take it as a sign that there is much to surface from the depths of my inner self and I know that somehow I will find my way, that I already am. That I must now go upon my day and allow whatever is to be to unfold naturally as it already is. From the inside out.

Lastly, thanks to the world-wide web, I googled “Delphium” and was quite surprised to come upon this site…


There is much here that peaks my interest to be explored and also confirmation that indeed Delphium is linked to water.

Thank you for taking the time to read of my strange and beautiful life 🙂

I hope you have a lovely day.

FP13_03- swimming on the water surface...

FP13_03- swimming on the water surface… (Photo credit: ArturoYee)

Working with Kali

English: Photograph of the Goddess Kali Mata s...

English: Photograph of the Goddess Kali Mata statue at the Shiv-Kali Temple at Chittranjan Park (C.R.Park), New Delhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to be afraid to work with Kali because she would push me to face my inner fears and challenges. A few years back when she would pop-up to work with me I would think to myself, “oh great,” and then kind of clench in anticipation of what was to come, like sitting atop a roller coaster when you are just about to plunge downward. However, in time I grew more comfortable with her learning that indeed she is a blessing.  She has helped me work through a lot of stuff and never leaves me once crap gets dumped on me and the crap is always rooted in my own fears.

Kali’s biggest lesson to me has been helping me to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable. She keeps leading me in the direction to own being ok within myself when the world outside of me is not. Being able to create the world around me in peace, love, and joy even when I see murder, and hate, and rape. As a sensitive light being those have been hard things to take and energetically there have been times where it feels like it quakes through me even though the only receptor I have of them is through the television. For so long I would turn away from these horrible acts because it was just too much for me to listen to and to absorb into my awareness. But I was wrong. That doesn’t help anyone. And this is what Kali has taught me:

1) Don’t turn away. Look at it! Look it in its eyes to see it for what it is.

2) See through it. Know what evil is – Fear, lack of love, self-hatred, and the projection onto others of these issues stemming from the turmoil of the internal self.

3) And then heal it. “I send True, Pure, and Masterful Love to you” or “God please send True, Pure, and Masterful Love to them.” See it sealed in pink light with the intention to heal and it is instant. The energy is delivered instantly.

Isn’t this kind of where the world is going? There is so much outside of ourselves we cannot control, so we are to instead empower ourself and focus on establishing our own inner sense of stability, comfort, peace, and light and unto the world our energy shall flow just through being us and healing the world one positive vibration sent at a time. Not one man can conquer the world alone but a collective of lighthearted beings together can change the course of time and history… and we will.

Thank you Kali for sharing your wisdom with me.

A Reading for You, A Reading for All

I don’t know what to write today…

So for today I am pulling a card from The Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck by Colette Baron-Reid. My intention is for global consciousness to awaken and for the world to embody a peaceful being. This is what we need to know about our place in the process:

(When I shuffled 5 cards fell out! So it seems we are in a progression of things.)

June 27, 2013 103

Stuck in the Mud – Up to our knees in dense sticky situations. These make it hard for us to move around and yet with our own strength we are still capable of moving and getting ourself out of the sticky situation. A yellow canary sits upon our back showing us that there is hope and that there are easier ways to travel, like flying ;-). For now the canary (our spirit guides) travel with us, out of our sight but more and more we start to feel their presence and learn their ways as the skies of heaven clear above us.

June 27, 2013 104

Deep Freeze – Aspects of ourself have been frozen for quite some time but as I look at this card inverted I see that the ice is starting to thaw and that in fact even though our eyes are still shut our paw is reaching out and feeling the waters. Because of the placement of the card it shows that the direction to go in continuing with our own internal process of thawing our consciousness is to go up. This means go up to God. Meet him from where you currently stand and he will help your process by warming you from the inside out. Perhaps you can even feel this warmth within you now. Take a moment to notice if you are feeling a glowing inner warmth.

June 27, 2013 105

Rock Bottom – When you look at this card it appears that there is no way out but that is the wrong perception. It seems we have had the wrong perception for a long time. Rock bottom does not mean you have nowhere to go. Look at the card again. Rock bottom means you have multiple paths to choose from and that you have reached the depths of your decent. Notice that in the card there are four paths to take and all of them lead up and to you.

June 27, 2013 106

Field of Dreams – This card is inverted as well. The first thing my attention is drawn to is the moon, similar to the moon in the first card Stuck in the Mud. It is the same crescent shape but in this moon the magic of the moon is present. Even though it appears to be phasing if you take a closer look you can actually see the circular outline of it as a whole. This is the magic of the moon because even though sometimes it appears to be incomplete it is an illusion, the moon is always whole no matter how it looks.  The same is true for you. No matter how you may seem you are in truth always whole. And its link to the first card is that even in times when you feel stuck in the mud your completeness is still whole, even if you can’t see it. Intuitively I am also receiving that the sky is representing the mind and that the mental realm is what we are really grounding into right now as a species, the power of the mind to create our reality, such as the Law of Attraction. But notice there are eggs delicately being taken care of by elemental beings. In our ascension or opening to higher mental realms we must not forget who we have partnered with in getting here, the Earth and it’s elements, and elemental beings. What they show me next is that these eggs will crack like seeds. I see roots growing up from them into the green of the Earth from which a  more personal and intimate connection grows. This is because part of our opening and evolution is linking with respect and reverence to ourself and also to the Earth. The title of the card is appropriate Field of Dreams because it is still a dream, many are still sleeping. And if it is you that is still in dream land please don’t forget how well you have been taken care of while you slumber. Give thanks and that will help you on your path to waking up to the world that surrounds you and your awareness to it as well as your awareness to yourself.

June 27, 2013 108

Coming to Life – This card shows the final culmination of all paths traveled: being stuck with limited mobility; being frozen with no mobility or place to go; hitting rock bottom in where the only place left to go is up; and slumbering in the field of dreams where you are being taken care of with tender care and from where someday you will awake. This card represents awake and I love that it is called Coming to Life as if before this moment we had never really been alive or living. Perhaps we aren’t, at least to our full ability. This card shows us as a beautiful being rising to wholeness, taking a last step out of the brownish sand of all that you have transformed in being stuck, frozen, at rock bottom, and dreaming. There is a delicate lavender ribbon around your foot because it is like a dance, a back and forth sway as you keep your eyes closed and feel into your being. The transformation does not come in one fell swoop but it comes from a rocking back and forth between awake and asleep and paying more and more attention to your internal cues. Notice her eyes are still shut. That is because she does not look outside of herself for answers anymore. She has learned that all of her answers are within her. The ball of light represents her intuition and she holds it now. It is as physical a part of her as is her body that touches it and it is the mark of her own completeness. Notice also the yellow butterfly showing up at the foot of the girl in the image. This is the yellow guardian, like the canary in the first card, only this time it is pushing us through as we rise within ourselves to come alive for the first time as a true spiritual being embodying our self masterfully. Not so much aware and awake in our outward perceptions but most definitely awake in our inner knowing.

Wow, stuff got really deep there.

I want to thank the cards, their creators, and the divine wisdom that has been shared through them and I want to thank God.

These have been my impressions as I look at the cards with the set intention that I laid out before starting. Please take what resonates with you and leave the rest and please feel free to see what speaks to you as well in any of the images and share.

88 Days and Done!

I did it!!!

Yesterday was Day 88 of converting 2 months worth of hand written journals into a typed computer document. The grand total was 154,042 words. The next step will be rewriting and actually making it into a book. But first I will be taking a much anticipated break.

Here is a sample if you are curious:


Also, I wanted to mention that the #88 pops up for me a lot! I see it on license plates, phone numbers, and other random places. Usually when I see 88 it speaks to me as a sign. For me it feels like it is the Divine winking at me and saying, “Good job. Keep going.” I feel very encouraged that I am living my life’s purpose when I see this number and that is why it means so much to me that it showed up here.

“Why did God make War?”

Celebrating Memorial Day yesterday my 6-year-old asks, “Why did God make war?”

I respond, “God didn’t make war, people did.”

“God gave us free will and with that there are some people who have hate and anger and use it against others. That’s how war starts. And then in war there are those who defend us, our country, our rights, and our freedom.”

God didn’t make war. He only gave us the space to create our own world and make our own choices. And look what we have done with that responsibility.

That is why connecting to God on a personal level through developing your intuition (your ability to hear God’s voice that comes through you) and being able to listen to your heart is so important now. We have a lot to correct in creating the world of our future. We have a lot to correct in our personal lives.

It is not a time to cling to politics and religion for they seem to only fuel the fire. It is a time to cling to God and begin to know God’s voice through yourself. It is a time to be stronger than war, the war you have going on with yourself or the war you have going on with others.

God is accessible to all and his voice is one of only love. That is the voice we each need to embody, the voice of love that moves through us, God’s voice.

Choose to create more love in your personal world, in your life, and you will begin a powerful ripple effect. God did not make war he made love and love is the most powerful tool to master… so use it.

When in doubt, just send love.

“I send you true, pure, and masterful love.”

What I got from taking a course in mediumship…

A couple of weeks ago I took a class on doing mediumship work. This is a skill that I thought maybe I was ready to extend myself to doing. Previously in my healing work I have had the pleasure of communicating with crossed over loved ones. These experiences are always very touching but all in all it does not tend to be a focus for me. So, in taking this class I was exploring my curiosity of being able to communicate with greater ease with other’s departed loved ones.

I love learning, and trying new techniques of spiritual work, and the class was awesome! I was able to tap into some of the other participants’ loved ones, and had a couple of very beautiful messages come through. But then other times the messages were jumbled, unclear, and confusing. For example, one message that came through was, “Let’s order pizza!” I was like, what!? And did feel a little silly relaying that information. So maybe I was trying to force my hand a bit thinking I could take a class and voila be a medium – ha ha.

One thing that I am certain of is that I can, the ability is there, even if it seems to be in the most beginner stages of its development. And I think that is actually what I got most from the class; that I am where I am with reason and purpose. That things take time but they also take effort. Some things come natural and others you have to work at to achieve. Like they say practice makes perfect and I understand I have some practice to do… but all as time allows and the divine provides for. I am on my own path and nobody elses. And I understood this as I looked around the room in amazement at the people who were picking up on the details of the spirits such as “brown hair, brown eyes, liked to fish”, and other’s who had direct messages like, “They want to tell you that they are sorry for what they did.” I was glad to be a part of this experience but also to be in a personal space to not judge or compare myself to these other incredibly gifted beings and to instead be humbled and happy about where I am… still learning.

In fact, during a different part of the class I did receive from two different sources that my full scope of intuitive abilities will be open in about four years. This makes me happy for how far I have come, for the skills I have been able to develop, and makes me really excited to see what’s next! Maybe my soul is not ready for the full on of being able to detect and be in communication with other souls, those crossed AND those not crossed.

Maybe I have some other areas to perfect and get comfortable with first. In fact, I have been noticing lately that I am seeing a lot more energy with my physical eyes. There was one day that I did see the color pink bubbling across a wall, and nearly every night that I sit and watch tv I can see white wisps in my peripheral vision. Also, I am seeing the outline of auras super easy these days and just this morning laying in bed for the 2nd snooze in a row, I could feel my energy bubble around me. I could feel the part of me that is contained outside of my body and could feel its wholeness as the peace of being a spirit soothed me and took me to that place of experiencing sweet and peaceful bliss. It was a great way to start the day.

I have always been an eager learner, and in most cases I am confident, but one thing predetermines all –  you cannot force a flower to open it must open and blossom in its own sweet time.