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Follow-up Post from December 20th

Today’s post is in response to the December 20, 2012 post: Opportunity to Sample an Intuitive Reading.

I thought I would try something new and am greatly appreciative of the 3 women who volunteered to allow me the pleasure of doing a reading for them. Only one was selected and so really today my post is for them. But I will pick up again next week with something for you all. Have a great weekend and have a Happy New Year!


Dear Jennifer,

As an intuitive I open myself as a channel for divine information. During the process I follow what I am getting and report to you everything I receive in images, insights, words, or feelings. Always trust yourself first! I do not know what will be right for you or what isn’t but you do. So, in reading this take what resonates for you and leave the parts that do not. Thank you for this opportunity! I hope the information communicated through me is helpful and brings you peace. Ok, here goes…

I see you sitting with your hands on your knees. It feels like you’re waiting for something, but your eyes and your demeanor are relaxed, calm, like the inner workings of your mind already know. But there’s a feeling that you’re waiting for that external cue, whoever/ whatever that is, to go, “alright, ok,” and then move onto the next part of it. It almost feels like there will be some explaining to do and I get a little zap of anxiety in this energy so maybe there is some anxiety associated with this. Your demeanor is very gentle and almost expressionless, very matter of fact, like when you’re going to say it, whatever the it is, you’ll come across very matter of fact with your emotion capped, and it almost feels like you’ve been practicing or preparing for this. I feel some grumpiness following you around for a bit, some inner processing and external effects of this on your mood. But then I see you with a smile and your hands are open and facing up. Between your palms the word “Happy   (and a blank space)” arches. You have on like a party crown or tiara. Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, Happy whatever? It feels like the mood lightens by this event and you are Happy and smiling again, able to go back to normal functioning in life.

When I scan your energy field the color red pops out at me from the right side of your face by your eye. It feels like you have laser sight (feels more intuitively connected than literal eye sight). Like in general you’ll be looking around like normal and when your “laser sight” locks on something or some situation you can see it and are pretty close to being able to call it. Since I see this as red it feels like this attribute gives you a sense of comfort, or security, maybe you even use it in your career. It is something you can use and are good at.

Then I see your hand in white light and there is a card laying in it already. I get a reference here that you’ll be able to see the card you’re dealt. This may be figurative with something you are, will be, or have been dealt, or literal with the card I will pull- it is for you to determine. All of this is for you to determine what fits and “discard” the rest. Ok, so it feels like you’ll be able to see what fits for you and discard the rest “to someone else,” they want me to say that, if that makes sense, for you to share with someone else.

I use The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid. The card I pull for you is “Follow the Leader.” When I look at this card things start popping out at me and the meaning of the card for you is speaking to me so I do not reference the booklet that came with the cards, I allow myself to be guided through the interpretation of this card for you…

“Time.” There is something about time here, and it’s just simply, “time.” I don’t hear any other words with it. It feels like there’s something coming out of the wood work, like I can loosely make out a shape of some type of animal. It has like a bridle or something around its nose but it’s not quite there yet. It just appears as if there’s something that will work its way out but not yet, associated with “time.” But it is so bright all around you now that this piece you are giving time to and letting itself work its way out, it feels like it’s in good company and will be ok. I even see a little patch of white on the lawn for it to land comfortably on when it comes time for it to emerge. I also see that the path you’re on, what this is pertaining to, will have a stop point and then it will pick back up and actually be on the same pathway. To me it feels like the path (whoa, getting chills here) is with someone, that it’s already stretched (chills again) through multiple lives and what you don’t get in this life, shows up in the next. There are baby ducks on the path and one on the outskirts being guided in, so 2 maybe 3. And the fairy I see on the path, that’s you and you are so much more light-hearted and free because you have allowed yourself the time, and have had so much time to enjoy just being you. And at the end of the trail is the cards title, “Follow the Leader.” The leader is you, and you are leading the roll you play in this life, and many beyond. The life circumstances you find yourself in are pre-determined and by you, however confusing that may feel, it is true, so honor this life you have chosen and enjoy it. I feel that’s what you’re true design was this time to just enjoy your life, and you have alot of life to live so just smile and be happy and let yourself lead you through this life. The things you think you want, they’re already yours, even if in another lifetime, they are yours, so just be happy now. You have the time.

It felt like the message was complete here so I do not reference what it says in the booklet of the card deck.

I am guided to pull one more card for you though and it is “One-Ring Circus” I am not getting any information from this card and so I feel guided that the message you are to receive does come from what is in the booklet as I have copied here verbatim.

“One Ring Circus – You are capable and competent! Independence is key now as you step into your journey today. Others may not have the vision or resources that you need. Recognize that all the wisdom you’ve acquired along the way makes you particularly competent, capable of moving forward with assurance. Self-reliance is important. Another aspect to consider is creating and maintaining clear boundaries between you and another. Be discerning about your partnerships at this time. When you know who you are, and have a healthy sense of where you end and others begin, you’re able to enter into the best kind of relationships and will attract people who mirror back your wholeness. Interdependent relationships are always mutually supportive, stimulating, and transformative. You can achieve anything at this time.” –Colette Baron-Reid

That concludes your reading. I hope it has been helpful. If you have any further questions please email me at KorinnSHawkins@gmail.com

Thanks again!

Opportunity to Sample an Intuitive Reading

As I am opening and expanding I too am feeling moved to offer more service. My guidance has been encouraging me to do oracle card readings for a couple of months and recently I have had the pleasure of doing two of them. Now I am feeling compelled to throw it out there to this audience. So if you are interested in having me pull a few cards for you and giving you my interpretation of them, as well as a read on your energy field, then please comment on this post with your first and last name. No question is needed. We will both trust that whatever is meant to come through will. If several people are interested than I will pull a name out of a hat to see who gets the reading this time. And I will post the reading next week on Thursday.

Thank you for your interest and as always thank you for reading.