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More Love Stuff…And AcuEnergetics training in May!

The following quotes are from Ambika Wauters book Chakras and their Archetypes: Uniting Energy Awareness and Spiritual Growth.

“Relationships are the most difficult things in life to master. They require a willingness to open our hearts and let love purify us.”

A Meditation from the book:

“Release tension in your chest and focus your awareness in your heart. Repeat the words to yourself: I am love. I am love.”


Such simple instructions and yet so profound. I find it interesting that this little book has sat in my closet for years and all of a sudden last night I was guided to pick it up and read the chapter focusing on the heart chakra. I read up through this very part and knew this was all I needed to get from it at this time. I also knew I was supposed to share it today with you. I hope you enjoy practicing it during this week of love as we approach the heart-centered holiday of Valentine’s.


This reminder and meditation links so perfectly with what I have been learning and practicing with my AcuEnergetics studies. We are taught to practice having an open heart and that in doing so nothing sticks to us energetically speaking (you lightworkers know what I’m talking about ;-). The low vibration energy rolls right off like water off a ducks back and does not get stuck in our energy field or create a disturbance for us. This is a new way to live in the world – just being open-hearted and NOT having to protect our heart. I know it is easier said than done and that’s why meditations like this are important so that we can strengthen that muscle of indeed having an open heart.


I also want to share that AcuEnergetics is coming back from Australia to teach for the second time ever in the USA Level 1: Skills for Living and for the first time ever in the USA Level 2: Inner Alchemy – treating yourself and others. http://www.acuenergetics.com/othertrainingandworkshops.html

This is a very unique opportunity that will be offered in Hudson, WI at Healing Waters Health Center. Over the course of 2 full weekends in May you could be trained through Level 2 AcuEnergetics! The next time they are projected to come back to the USA to teach is not until 2015 so take a look at the link above and see if spirit is calling you 😉

Working with Kali

English: Photograph of the Goddess Kali Mata s...

English: Photograph of the Goddess Kali Mata statue at the Shiv-Kali Temple at Chittranjan Park (C.R.Park), New Delhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to be afraid to work with Kali because she would push me to face my inner fears and challenges. A few years back when she would pop-up to work with me I would think to myself, “oh great,” and then kind of clench in anticipation of what was to come, like sitting atop a roller coaster when you are just about to plunge downward. However, in time I grew more comfortable with her learning that indeed she is a blessing.  She has helped me work through a lot of stuff and never leaves me once crap gets dumped on me and the crap is always rooted in my own fears.

Kali’s biggest lesson to me has been helping me to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable. She keeps leading me in the direction to own being ok within myself when the world outside of me is not. Being able to create the world around me in peace, love, and joy even when I see murder, and hate, and rape. As a sensitive light being those have been hard things to take and energetically there have been times where it feels like it quakes through me even though the only receptor I have of them is through the television. For so long I would turn away from these horrible acts because it was just too much for me to listen to and to absorb into my awareness. But I was wrong. That doesn’t help anyone. And this is what Kali has taught me:

1) Don’t turn away. Look at it! Look it in its eyes to see it for what it is.

2) See through it. Know what evil is – Fear, lack of love, self-hatred, and the projection onto others of these issues stemming from the turmoil of the internal self.

3) And then heal it. “I send True, Pure, and Masterful Love to you” or “God please send True, Pure, and Masterful Love to them.” See it sealed in pink light with the intention to heal and it is instant. The energy is delivered instantly.

Isn’t this kind of where the world is going? There is so much outside of ourselves we cannot control, so we are to instead empower ourself and focus on establishing our own inner sense of stability, comfort, peace, and light and unto the world our energy shall flow just through being us and healing the world one positive vibration sent at a time. Not one man can conquer the world alone but a collective of lighthearted beings together can change the course of time and history… and we will.

Thank you Kali for sharing your wisdom with me.

“Why did God make War?”

Celebrating Memorial Day yesterday my 6-year-old asks, “Why did God make war?”

I respond, “God didn’t make war, people did.”

“God gave us free will and with that there are some people who have hate and anger and use it against others. That’s how war starts. And then in war there are those who defend us, our country, our rights, and our freedom.”

God didn’t make war. He only gave us the space to create our own world and make our own choices. And look what we have done with that responsibility.

That is why connecting to God on a personal level through developing your intuition (your ability to hear God’s voice that comes through you) and being able to listen to your heart is so important now. We have a lot to correct in creating the world of our future. We have a lot to correct in our personal lives.

It is not a time to cling to politics and religion for they seem to only fuel the fire. It is a time to cling to God and begin to know God’s voice through yourself. It is a time to be stronger than war, the war you have going on with yourself or the war you have going on with others.

God is accessible to all and his voice is one of only love. That is the voice we each need to embody, the voice of love that moves through us, God’s voice.

Choose to create more love in your personal world, in your life, and you will begin a powerful ripple effect. God did not make war he made love and love is the most powerful tool to master… so use it.

When in doubt, just send love.

“I send you true, pure, and masterful love.”

“Quote” by Korinn

A dog walking service

English: White House Executive Chef, Cristeta ...

Kids playing in the beach in Santa Marta

Kids playing football in Villa Doria Pamphili,...

Artists for Humanity. Artist in painting studio

Mandolin playing

“When you do what you love and love what you do you are creating security in your life.”


Sleeping Baby

English: A sleeping male baby with his arm ext...

Heaven rest, the baby sleeps,
We part for now, but I kiss her cheek,
Stroke her hand, smile, and stare,
Peacefulness is everywhere.

In My Life

This song has deep meaning for me…

I first discovered it as a 14-year-old girl. I remember listening to it over and over and memorizing the words. It was around the time that my Grandpa, my Mom’s dad, died. Then when my Mom died in 2001 I picked this song to be played at her funeral. From that point on it brought out such raw emotion every time I would hear it.

When my first child was born I began singing it to him like a lullaby. The first couple times that I tried to sing it I held him so close and stared at his sweet little face as tears poured down my cheeks. It was hard to get all the way through the song as it brought up such sadness for missing my Mom but I knew that eventually I would be able to sing it and not weep and so I tried for this every night.

At last when the tears did not come anymore the song took on a new dimension for me. It was no longer rooted in the pain of loss but in the fullness of love expressed. I would still sing it and think of my Mom but it was now also for my sweet child that I held in my arms and then later for his sister. We have since moved out of the lullaby stage but occasionally I will still sing it to express to them how very much I love them. For me this song is the culmination of love. Love lived, love lost, and love expressed…in my life.

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day (Photo credit: Abby Lanes)

Usually I am not one to celebrate Valentine’s Day but any reason to celebrate LOVE is a good one.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

And a special Happy Valentine’s Day to my darling hubby. I love you!

A peek inside my personal journal: Hand and Heart

Written on Tuesday October 22, 2012 in a spiral bound notebook:

…And here it is the cross-over point as information starts to flow fluidly into my mind, and through my hand, and body. I just listen and I write and it is easy.

You might have wished upon a star once or twice, or many times in your life – but why wish upon something so far away? Doesn’t it seem wise to wish upon yourself, the truest star in your life? Pull out a piece of paper and fold it in half I want to show you something.”


Wait. First draw your hand on it.”

I do this and fold it in half noticing I can see through the paper. On one side I see my fingers reaching up with out-pouring energy like branches of a tree. On the other side is my palm, thumb, and wrist with the energy of roots grounding into the whole of who I am. Grounding into the center, the core of my being. These roots, these veins, these fibers go direct to my chest – to my heart. From my fingertips flow out love but my hand also takes love in. Soaking it up like the roots of a tree.

I don’t know what this means?

“It means that you are a balanced individual. By nature we mean you to be balanced and yet with free will it has taken years for you to be off-balance and now to try to re-achieve it is certainly a monumental feat. Can you bring yourself back into balance?”

I don’t know, I’d like to try. Can you help me?

“It’s not a decision we are allowed to make for you. It is your gift to find your own way. Like your daughter tells you: me do it myself.”

I stop here and I think. Looking up at the wet green branch in my face (I am sitting under a fir tree in the yard. It is misting, and the tree gives some shelter to write). What value what worth would it have for me if it was just so easy, if I didn’t have to work for it at all? I wonder if there would be any pleasure from it. I do indeed get pleasure from working hard, maybe not all the time but for sure a job well done feels amazing, ecstatic. So what would life be like if everything was easy… boring? Could it be we need a challenge, the human spirit needs challenges to live, to grow. If we were always just as we are in our most magnificent space how would we ever know how truly magnificent we are? Do you know how magnificent you are? Do you tell yourself you are magnificent? I don’t. I definitely have my good days and commend myself for that but magnificence. Who me? Never. But is that the “God’s honest truth,” that I am not magnificent, that we are not magnificent? I get the feeling that the answer is, of course not.

I don’t know what else to say or write or even think. So I ask is there anything more needed to be heard?

My mind goes back to, “The paper.” I open it up and they tell me to, “Draw a heart in the palm.” They say, “Hold your love in your hand. Whether it is moving to you or from you hold it there. Look at your hands as if they are tools of love. Write the word love across them etherically and let them be love, let the love flow. And also be mindful with what you touch. Love it all. Love all your hands lay on.”

At this point I lay my left hand down on the paper and I mentally say, “I love you paper.” And then I look at my right hand holding a pen and say, “I love you pen.” And then I smile and softly giggle, chuckle to myself because I do love paper and pen… (shrug) I just do.

I can see the image of the hand with the heart at its palm. My hand, my heart. I think I understand a little bit more. If you hold the focus of your love to be towards all of which you touch such as “I love you paper. I love you pen. I love you water. I love you glass…” and over and over then you are in a state of love. Seems incessant (I think to myself), maybe I’ll just try it for a block of time, like 10 minutes or something. Ok, so I am giving my love there, through my hand, connected to my heart, to my awareness, to my feelings, and emotion, that then fill-in and fill me up with that feeling of love. As you give love you get love – remember it fills from both ends (referencing a previous journal entry- as you give love out you feel it in as well). There is no void left with love, it is the all.

And then my mind breaks into the Beatles song, “All You Need is Love.”

Thoughts following journal entry:

What would it feel like to end and begin every encounter with a mentally spoken, “I love you?”

I have been practicing this randomly and I like it. I find I do have love and thankfulness for silly little things I normally would not give thought to like scissors, and a glass of water, but also to my children, my home, and myself. “I love you.” The energy of that phrase is naturally uplifting. So as I feel like I am, “writing my I love you’s” to the world the love is also coming back to me and it is with purpose that I am doing this, that I have been guided in this way to work at shifting my perception, my experience, and my energy. And what an easy and yet profound thing to do, to mentally speak “I love you” to everything your hands touch. But isn’t that just exactly what love is, easy and profound.

Maybe I will take that advice and wish upon me as my own star. It seems all the arrows are pointing to me anyway, as the answer to all of my dreams.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom’s birthday. She would have been 64 had she not died when she was 52.

My Mom is the most influential person in my life. She was the catalyst for me to explore my spiritual abilities, so that I could connect with her and keep her in my life. She is the reason that I wrote my first book so that my children may connect with her also. And she is my Mom, I am part of her and she is part of me, endlessly.

I remember the first birthday after she died. I bought a single red rose and laid it in a river hoping that somehow, someway it would be carried off to her atop the flowing waters. Eleven years later, and at a different river, I decided to do that again for her on this her birthday morning.

As I sat in solace along the bank where the river cuts through the land I spoke to her. “Happy Birthday Mom! I love you! Thank you for being in my life.” I brought the rose up towards my face so that I could inhale its fragrance one last time and then I let it go. I let it go so that it could be carried off by the ripple of the current and I watched it as it went. I miss you Mom.

Last year for her birthday we bought balloons and attached messages to their strings. Then as a family we released them up to the wide open sky hoping that somehow, someway she would receive them.

I have no doubt that she did. I believe that if I intend something for her, or if I call her to me, she knows. A mother always knows. So I send her love and birthday wishes today. And I am thankful she is in my life.

I would also like to include here a link to a short story that I wrote titled, “Mother Love.” It is free to download and is based on a personal experience that I had with my Mom. Its description reads: A deceased mother’s love lives on through the birth of her granddaughter, as she wishes to say the same words to her daughter that her daughter has said to her.
I hope you enjoy it.





(I apologize for any repeated messages and the photos not being a part of the flow of the blog. I am using an iPad and it seems I have some learning to do. Thank you.)

Something for You and Something for Me

For me for my work:

I am working on a book in which an elementary age child is able to ask their grandparent about their life, their beliefs, and their values. As field research for the book I would like to ask for your input.

If you think back to when you were a kid and spent time with one of your grandparents, what questions would you have liked to have asked them? What things would you have liked to have known about them? Also, if you have access to an elementary age child and you get a chance to ask them I would be thrilled to hear the questions they come up with as well as your own.

To get you started I will share a question that I would have liked to have asked my Grandma Slanker as a child: How many brothers and sisters do you have? And what are they like?

And in advance THANK YOU for your participation!

And now something for you:

Revisiting memories of those that we love is something we do throughout our whole life. It can be a very meaningful process that brings up feelings of joy and happiness, but also sometimes sadness. These memories naturally take on a deeper nature once the person is no longer here with us physically. Our memories belong to us to be used in remembering and reminiscing but also to connect us with our loved ones in some way.

An important part of my path has been maintaining a connection with my Mom who has been gone 11 years. Being open to connect and communicate with her is of special importance to me and something I feel is important for my children as well. That is the reason that I wrote my first book Someone Above You Loves You, so that they too may know her. I understand the need for us all to feel that connection to those that we have loved and I know first hand how truly healing it can be.

In the following paragraph I will set up some sacred space for you and your loved one. In your own time when it is appropriate or when it feels right for you, you can come back to this post to sit quietly and focus in on your loved one to see what kind of a connection you may be able to develop.

Begin by calling in your angels.  “Angels please be with me now, clearing my space, and surrounding me and my energy field with a protective bubble of white light to ensure that any connection and communication made here is of the divine and for my absolute highest good.” Next speak the name of your loved one that you wish to connect with, calling them into the white light bubble to meet with you in your sacred space.

Now all you need to do is close your eyes and be open to receiving an image or impression of your loved one in your mind’s eye. Feel free to tell them “Hello,” and let this experience take on its own direction as it is safely being overseen and guided by your angels.

Note:You may not “see” anything at first, but if you keep trying it will help to open the channels of communication with your loved one. Also be aware of other sensations or feelings you may be receiving because you may have a stronger pathway to connect with them than through spiritual vision. Other possibilities could be through a feeling, or a sense, a smell, sound, or even a thought. So practice as often as you’d like and see what comes up consistently for you but always be sure to set the sacred space.

A little while back I had received a thank you note in the mail from a funeral and at the bottom was a quote that fits very nicely here: “Nothing you loved is ever lost.” As I sit and write about this specific topic with that note atop my desk it is clear to me that it is not a coincidence at all but a message to be received and it is up to you to decide what will happen next.

Also, please don’t forget to post here your lovely and very much appreciated help for my book.

Much Gratitude!