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A Little Loving Energy Sent Your Way

The other morning I woke up to a face in my head. Someone I had known many years ago and now it seemed totally random that he was showing up in my mind. He wasn’t anyone I was particularly close with and yet here he was appearing as if sitting and waiting for a pickup. Normally I would be like “ok, whatever,” and push away the image as it had no specific meaning for me. But I am currently going through a process as I am shifting into a new state of being, and as I “out” myself as a healer and intuitive (which by the way we all are intuitive), I am committing to the truth of who I am and also taking on a little more responsibility in the healing world. So I gave this face, this person, a little more attention. What came up in my mind next was the raw deal this person had seemed to have gotten: a rough home life, a search for a place to belong, and a struggle against bad decisions made. Then I flashed to a memory of a time when I saw him in later years, looking numb and expressionless, as if a broken soul. At this point in my mental and intuitive processing it became clear to me what this person needed, just a little loving energy sent his way. It seemed so simple – love energy. Something any of us could use. Something any of us could do.

There’s a simple technique I use to clear my own energy field and so I decided to use this for him, for his highest good. With my inner voice I asked, “God please clear his body.” I took pause feeling it process but needing a bit of time. Then I asked, “God please clear his soul.” After that I would normally ask for the mind to be cleared as well, but what I felt was that I was actually not supposed to ask that for him. Perhaps he would need to sit with his thoughts in this clearer state. Maybe in this state he would be able to find his own strength to pick himself up. But honestly I don’t know the reasoning, so I trust in the guidance that I had received to just leave it alone and instead I ask for anything else that needs to be cleared to be cleared for his highest good.

With that little bit said I now would like to extend to you some loving energy as well. Perhaps you are feeling like there is a piece of you that may be broken or maybe you are in a space where you just need a little loving energy as well. Maybe it is time for you, too, like me, to stop pushing away those things that keep coming up in your life and to open yourself now to healing.

As you read this and a little mini healing is facilitated, I ask first that you be surrounded by your divine healing team and that all contained here in this white bubble of healing that surrounds you and your energy field be for your absolute highest good.

Take a nice deep breath and find the part of your sternum just below your collar bone where it bumps out.  With your fingertips tap there three times to center yourself and then read on…

Call on your angels now, “I call on my angels now.  God surround me with angels to help me and clear me.” Behind you there is a huge white light, visualize this light. It’s like a magnet drawing out everything that needs to be cleared.  Now speak either out loud or in your mind, “God please clear my body. God please clear my heart. God please clear my soul.”  Now the angels are very gently breathing in new light into the front of your chest, into your heart.  As this chakra opens to receive this divine energy for your highest good take a breath in and close your eyes allowing yourself to linger here as long as you wish.

~ Thank You. Amen. Love Realized.

And in parting today I also want to share with you the song that kept coming up for me during my process of writing this: Free by Graffiti 6. Specifically I kept hearing the lyrics, “Set me free baby…”

Music can also be something that heals the soul… so listen on if it resonates with you to do so.  Perhaps it will inspire a little spring in your seat like it does mine.