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What I got from taking a course in mediumship…

A couple of weeks ago I took a class on doing mediumship work. This is a skill that I thought maybe I was ready to extend myself to doing. Previously in my healing work I have had the pleasure of communicating with crossed over loved ones. These experiences are always very touching but all in all it does not tend to be a focus for me. So, in taking this class I was exploring my curiosity of being able to communicate with greater ease with other’s departed loved ones.

I love learning, and trying new techniques of spiritual work, and the class was awesome! I was able to tap into some of the other participants’ loved ones, and had a couple of very beautiful messages come through. But then other times the messages were jumbled, unclear, and confusing. For example, one message that came through was, “Let’s order pizza!” I was like, what!? And did feel a little silly relaying that information. So maybe I was trying to force my hand a bit thinking I could take a class and voila be a medium – ha ha.

One thing that I am certain of is that I can, the ability is there, even if it seems to be in the most beginner stages of its development. And I think that is actually what I got most from the class; that I am where I am with reason and purpose. That things take time but they also take effort. Some things come natural and others you have to work at to achieve. Like they say practice makes perfect and I understand I have some practice to do… but all as time allows and the divine provides for. I am on my own path and nobody elses. And I understood this as I looked around the room in amazement at the people who were picking up on the details of the spirits such as “brown hair, brown eyes, liked to fish”, and other’s who had direct messages like, “They want to tell you that they are sorry for what they did.” I was glad to be a part of this experience but also to be in a personal space to not judge or compare myself to these other incredibly gifted beings and to instead be humbled and happy about where I am… still learning.

In fact, during a different part of the class I did receive from two different sources that my full scope of intuitive abilities will be open in about four years. This makes me happy for how far I have come, for the skills I have been able to develop, and makes me really excited to see what’s next! Maybe my soul is not ready for the full on of being able to detect and be in communication with other souls, those crossed AND those not crossed.

Maybe I have some other areas to perfect and get comfortable with first. In fact, I have been noticing lately that I am seeing a lot more energy with my physical eyes. There was one day that I did see the color pink bubbling across a wall, and nearly every night that I sit and watch tv I can see white wisps in my peripheral vision. Also, I am seeing the outline of auras super easy these days and just this morning laying in bed for the 2nd snooze in a row, I could feel my energy bubble around me. I could feel the part of me that is contained outside of my body and could feel its wholeness as the peace of being a spirit soothed me and took me to that place of experiencing sweet and peaceful bliss. It was a great way to start the day.

I have always been an eager learner, and in most cases I am confident, but one thing predetermines all –  you cannot force a flower to open it must open and blossom in its own sweet time.