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A New Year Begins Today…

Ever feel like you have been preparing your whole life for this moment? That is what I am feeling like today, only it is not for this moment it is for the potential contained within this moment. I have been preparing potential for lifetimes. I see now. Lifetimes upon lifetimes, preparing myself, my soul, to step forward into the mists of my potential. It is not concrete it is divine, it has no form, I have no form, my potential is formless and so it is just me… Today feels so still and so pregnant, pregnant with possibility.


I have been acquiring new spiritual foods to nourish myself and an intuitive forecast of the coming year is marked by change. And here I sit at the foot of it, my first day beyond my birthday. I am in awe of the potential that lies within this day, the potential that lies within me. Tears come to my eyes as I feel my own truth… I am a gift. I am a gift. I mean this not out of ego or even opinion, it’s deeper than that. It stretches through my very being as a feeling connected to the knowingness that God and I are one. This is humanity’s truth. We are all awakening on our own levels in our own time and of our own accord. It is a journey that takes lifetimes. Unfolding and knowing self as a gift, self as a space, a mind, a soul, and a light, self as God. I am floating and light as I write this. Not quite corded to the physical plane right now, but I don’t care. I don’t care because I am touching the truth of who we all are… gifts of God’s true, pure, and masterful love.

The year will unfold accordingly and I know I have challenges to come but in today, and really even just in this moment, I feel all the potential of what I am capable of in this tiny little year of time and so I pray for my own soul to be strong, to be courageous, to be still, and to surrender and follow God’s divine lead. A lead only I can hear for myself through my own soul and my own heart. I pray for my own soul to live its potential of the highest caliber, manifesting God’s truth through me. My body feels so tingly and the air around me is so charged with spirit. I take a moment and drink in this mass of light energy through my crown chakra allowing it to settle into my system. Breathing out peacefully and settling into my bones as I sit. I shift back a bit in my chair, unintentionally, moved by spirit. My eyes are closed as my fingers type. My whole body hums with that which is the universe. I can see the stars within me as my true origin lies out there, somewhere among the stars, a starry night person. I am bigger than this world and so are you.

I don’t know when your birthday is but damn, happy birthday to you, and may you live out all of your highest potential in the years to come.
Sometimes feelings can’t be expressed in words, but wow what a feeling this is.

Parting thoughts to share…
The other day after meditation I asked, “God show me what I can soar with?” To which the reply was, “Love. Love, love, love, love, love. Soar with love; the most powerful thing.”
Yes, I speak direct to God. There’s no separation. And you can too, there is no separation for you as well. As a dear and wise friend once said, “I am not special, unique, or exceptional what I can do you can do too.” And that is God’s honest truth for you to discover as well. You carry so much potential just simply by being. All of the potential is already contained within it’s just a matter of connecting to it and allowing it to take its form through you.

Also, today just before I sat down to meditate and “leave earth” (lol) my guidance gave me this advice, “Surrender and allow. Feel into every moment. Don’t make choices ahead of time. Feel. Feel into the moments, surrender, and allow.” My afterthoughts I wrote down were… Stop trying to control. The true potential is held within the space and time of feeling into the moment. And in the moment of feeling into it and allowing, is the openness. The openness that leads us to our highest potential and most conscious choices. It is called conscious living and as a species we are still volleying back and forth between conciousness and unconsciousness but here we are today, and the potential is ours!