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Why learn to Open Energy Centers

It is exciting to learn something and then have a completely unrelated source confirm it.

I recently had the privilege to take AcuEnergetics® Level 2 and at the same time was reading Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self by Sanaya Roman. This quote actually deepened my understanding of one aspect of this exciting healing modality…

“At a certain level of growth, you begin directing the opening of your energy centers. This accelerates your growth because your energy centers change your personality more rapidly than working directly on your personality. Many of you are approaching this level right now as you work on your energy centers and your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies through meditation and other techniques.” ~ Sanaya Roman

And even more exciting I have been experiencing this recently as my daily practice of the Inner Smile Meditation has shifted and I no longer need the trigger of thought to make me smile. I simply put my attention on my heart center, can physically feel it open, and that alone stimulates a genuine smile. It is beautiful and magical to experience and there again has added depth and understanding to what this text too has spoken.

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