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Waking Phrase

We have two hands.

One to hold the hand of God.

One to help the other people.

As I woke up this morning this is the stream of words that ran through my head. The same thing happened the other day as I was waking back into this world of awareness I got a nice little phrase that came with me. In fact, it ended up being the dedication in my new book: Thank you to the Mother Earth and her divine giving purpose.

I think I will need to put a pen and paper next to my bed if this is to become a regular occurrence ūüėČ

If you have not gotten my short story e-book yet today is the last day it will be available for free.

If you too are curious about in-between spaces of awareness then you will enjoy the read.


Inside_the_Mystic_Life_of_an_IntuitiveBook Cover

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I always enjoy reading what everyone else says about the new year. This year a lot of people note that the year 2015 vibrates as an 8 (2+0+1+5=8). 8 brings in the energy of abundance and prosperity. Yay!

For this year I get the feeling that there is a linking of where we were 2 years ago at the end of 2012 and where we are picking up now. Almost like a gap of time has gone by allowing for catch-up and now this year we are finally getting into position of where we are really supposed to be. And not just in our external life but mentally as well. Maybe this resonates with you too that the last two years have felt like you were trying to catch up with life, trying to get to where you needed to be to find your proper positioning. And now this year it feels like the reverse is true and that life is catching up with you, that things are aligning on the outside to match your proper positioning of where you need to be. Sometime this year the two will sync, you and life, and a new harmony in your state of being will be accomplished.

I also want to note that the word RESPONSIBILITY comes up strongly. This just feels like we each are wholly responsible for our self and our life. So in order to reach that harmony you cannot be a bystander. You must be active and adopt that inner sense of responsibility for your personal state of being. Carrying through with the actions that you know are right for you will not only help to connect you even deeper with who you are but will help you to live the life you are meant to.

So that’s¬†my two cents ūüėČ Do you have any hunches for 2015?

Also,here is an article that I found interesting and wanted to share as well:


Ok, I think I get it!

Sometimes I try too hard. Apparently that¬†can actually¬†block what it is that¬†I’m¬†trying to achieve. Bummer right!?

It’s like that scene from the Tommy Boy¬†movie where Chris Farley pets the roll (see clip below).

In bringing awareness to my glitches today¬†I¬†had an amazing healing session and this is the phrase that I am left with…

dove release

I don’t have to control how things happen

I only need to trust that all will work out.

Feeling freer and lighter and happier right now ūüôā

And letting go of being in control of how things happen and not doing this again…

Running Interference

Ever feel like YOU are processing energy for someone else!?

It’s challenging to not “get involved” when someone you have close connections with is going through a difficult time. Energy as a transferable force has no boundaries and can easily leak over and effect you even when it is clearly not yours.

This morning I found myself very anxious which is not a typical feeling that I normally have. Due to this unexplained feeling I came back to a re-occurring thought that I have been wondering about: Am I running interference for someone else?

I googled the definition to which I found:

run interference to help someone achieve something by dealing with the people or problems that might prevent them from doing so.

In the last couple months I have also been having moments at night where I will wake up and my energy is all over the place, restless, and uncomfortable. I know this is again not my normal self so where is this coming from? Why am I so restless?

Sometimes we do subconsciously run interference for those we love because we love them. We don’t want them to have to carry the overwhelm or burden all on their own. So energetically, I feel I have subconsciously been processing the energy of someone¬†dear to me because at times it was just too much for them. Ok, no problem, I initially think. I am totally willing to do that, what difference does it make if I wake up restless every once in a while. However, now I am seeing that it is knocking me off balance and leaking into my day. That, I feel is just not necessary. I am at my best when I operate from my core influenced by only my own energy. It’s starting to make me second guess myself and feel confused and wonder what more can I do to help. But, I know that no clear answer will come unless I am able to tap into my own energy without interference.

So I simply ask myself, “What is it that I need the most?”

To which the first word that comes to me is, “Calming.”

It’s not the whole picture, it’s not the answer to all of the current issues, but it is a passageway where I will be able to clear and re-connect to myself from processing the energy of others for them. It is where I again, gain my own footing and get clear in my head about what is needed at this time.

So, I am going to take 10 minutes for myself in meditation doing the inner smile and the inner breath meditation, and see where I will come out afterwards.

We all run interference and we are not always so aware that it is happening so I too invite you to take a moment and just ask yourself, “What is it that I need the most?” Be still and silent and honor that first word or thought that comes to you. That is your spirit speaking up and it is worth listening too.

And further it may even be helpful for you to have the person you are running interference for do this as well, for their self. It will lend you each clarity and maybe even a direction of where to focus on in the present moment to bring more peace to the issue at hand and to take a baby step in coming back from the overwhelms of life.

Prayer is Communication

“If you want to know God, you must be like the naughty baby who cries till the mother comes.‚ÄĚ
~ Paramahansa Yogananda

If there is something that you are wishing for pray for it. Then pray again, and again, and again. Pray it until it is like breath in your consciousness and then it can move forward as life.

Praying is simply communicating with¬†God –¬†expressing your thanks and asking for divine help. It took me 30 years to figure out what prayer was to me and when I finally got it I¬†understood that¬†prayer is not a religious avenue it is a spiritually universal one.¬†Quite simply it is talking to God sharing with him your inner most thoughts and desires.¬†After all how can anyone know what you truly want unless you communicate it? The first step is being clear and honest with yourself and then you may release it to the Universe through prayer. In doing so a sacred little landing spot is created,¬†housed within your very being so that the echo of your prayer in an answer can bounce back to you and be realized.



Power in Perspective

I invite you to read this powerful article that speaks to the unrealized potential of the perspectives we hold and how we really do create our own reality.

The Light Collective on cleaning our minds via Kathryn Harwig:


Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

“You are the classifier of your own life. If you label an experience (whether one you watched on television or one you lived through) as bad, then it will have undesired effects on you. If you classify it as good, it will have pleasant effects on you.”

“The real effect of things on your physical body is the belief you have about them.”

~The Light Collective via Kathryn Harwig

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Listen To Your True Feelings

In preparation for the¬†closing of 2013 and the opening of 2014 I pulled an oracle¬†card for myself. “Listen to your true feelings,” is what it said. After thinking on it and trying to connect with the deepest truth of my direction and how I am currently feeling, this is what I wrote:

Sunrise Path

Sunrise Path (Photo credit: `James Wheeler)

My journey is about me. It is about me being me and if I can add to the world, assist people in their own process, and deliver graces of God I am humbled, grateful, and in awe. But the goal in my life is not about what I will do to help¬†others it is about reaching deep within myself and pulling out more of my divine being-ness. It’s about being present. Being local to the moment, space, and people in my life. Fully attentive to the spirit that is me.¬† That is what is, so that being said being a writer is about my flow expressing creatively¬†while being a healer is about being in the flow of the world. The two are never to be separated – personal flow and global flow. That is the grandest scale of perfection in creation, that all is intertwined. The two are not singular, but are one. Creativity and perception translates into inspiration for others. Like saying, “This is what I see, this is what I feel, now take it and make it your own.” Emerge first within yourself and later from yourself as your divine and inspirational gifts are picked up in the global flow of life distinguishing you as a living and breathing being and as sole creator for one destiny ~ your own. It is not about me…. it is about you. And you must find it for yourself. Inner guidance is available to all. And each in our¬†own way are expressions of our journey to live in our own creation of time, writing our masterpiece that is life.

Reflect¬†on these words, reflect on who you are, and start asking yourself questions…”How do I really feel?”¬† Become your¬†own light and your¬†own guide. This is how it is to become.

The path becomes easier when you’re friends with yourself and love is the most masterful key.

Leaps and Bounds and Backward Steps

This past weekend I was in training for a brand new energy modality that is coming to the United States for the first time from Australia.  I am very proud to say I have now completed Level 1 of AcuEnergetics! The weekend was filled with lots of knowledge gained, lots of new experiences, and new tools to use in my current energy medicine practice.

Prior to this I have been trained in hands-on-healing through level four,¬†two levels of crystal healing, and a little bit of craniosacral¬†therapy as well. My intuitive sense comes most easily through my brow chakra. I am most naturally a seer so I see images and “movies” in my mind’s eye. I do receive information through feeling and knowing as well but these are not as sharp.¬†AcuEnergetics is all about feeling so I am excited to now sharpen that sense and learn¬†more in the next levels of training.

I feel like I have gained so much in just one weekend.¬†I will¬†be able to put¬†into practice what I have learned with others and I have personally gained so much as well through¬†my own self-exploration. It is fascinating to start to feel things¬†and to begin to separate my “attention,” what the Chinese call Shen, from my mind. My mind is not my attention and I am not my mind. As my instructor commented several times, “It’s a shifting of gravity from being centered in your mind to being centered in your heart.” Just getting a glimpse of that this weekend has been eye-opening and profound to experience.

Although, I will say that I am surprised by how fundamentally different this approach is from the way I have currently been trained.¬†This actually makes me even more curious to learn more! A part of me¬†feels like I have kind of taken a¬†step backwards because I haven’t quite been able to wrap my head around how to integrate the two or if I even can.¬†I feel like what I know and what I am learning are on two different ends of a spectrum and that could potentially cause a struggle within myself. AcuEnergetics¬†teaches to not shield¬† oneself energetically but to just have an open heart. It teaches to not follow energy and work with it but to just keep your attention in yourself and just feel. Those are just a couple of examples. What it teaches resonates with me deeply and¬†I have even wondered about certain things myself but there are¬†other¬†things I have learned along my way that¬†I can’t image working energetically without. I can’t imagine not calling in angels and spiritual guides and working as a team with them. I can’t imagine not receiving information visually and using my intuition to guide me in performing a healing and yet here I am most definitely learning another way and¬†loving it too.

My guidance communicated to me that currently I am “student” and in time there will be space for me to keep my thoughts to myself and almost kind of ripen on them, or turn into whatever I am supposed to be.¬†They also communicated that in the end it all will lead me home, right where I have always been heading. Home and at one with myself. So for now I can keep learning, and keep practicing, and keep being just how I am today.

I would like to note that even though I feel like this modality takes me out of the spiritual connect sense (meaning¬†I am not working with angels and guides and sensing other beings) at the end of my training when we had all finally completed Level 1 there was a beautiful burst of fairy energy all around in front of me. I could see this with my physical eyes¬†as little sparks of light that were¬†flying all over the place. It was surprising and beautiful. I thought, “Wow, they must really be happy for me,” and in their expression I knew that this was a big deal for me to have completed.

I know that it¬†is important for me to learn and work with the body and the spirit, the elements and the ether.¬†And even though¬†I don’t¬†exactly¬†know where it’s taking me, I of course¬†keep moving ahead, one foot in front of the other, and trusting all the way.

A Reading for you the Reader

Today I have decided to pull a card from one of my oracle card decks. My intention is that it carries a message for each of you whom read my blog.


A reading for you:

November 2013 102

When I look at this card the first thing that I see is the man who appears to be in a struggle. He is holding a wand out in front of himself in protection. However, you should notice that the¬†six¬†wands¬†that appear to be coming at him aggressively are also exactly the same as the one he uses to defend himself. To me this means –¬†use those things that seem like hindrances¬†to your own advantage right now.

I also would like to note that at any time he can reach out and take in hand another one of those aggressive wands – do not back down, use your position to your own advantage and acquire what you need, and always with the intention of the highest good for all.

I also notice that he is standing in a field of wheat, a crop to be harvested. This is a symbol of abundance –¬†there is enough to sustain you so that you may take what you need. Make your struggles work for you in rising on your own ground and providing for your own needs –¬†spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, or a combination. You will know which one is your personal focus as it should stand out to you as you read them.

Lastly I would like to note that I can see a face in the blue of the sky. This represents your angels, guides, and God who is helping you behind the scenes. So please remember to ask them to help you in providing for your own healthful needs.

May God bless you and may you have a most grateful Thanksgiving.