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Food as a Pathway to Raising Your Vibration

English: This is my own work, Photo by Gila Br...

English: This is my own work, Photo by Gila Brand. Basket of fruits and vegetables, illustrating the bikurim, brought to the Temple on the holiday of Shavuot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you feel like you could use an energy cleanse? There are many ways in which you can cleanse your energy and raise your vibration: deep breathing, exercise, positive self-talk or affirmations, allowing creativity to flow through you, and doing energy work to name just a few. These are all techniques that feed the mind, body, and soul, and encourage balance as a whole being. The result is often a sense of feeling lighter, clearer, and attaining, or perhaps maintaining, a higher level vibration.

In regards to this holistic approach, eating and food can also be a means for attaining a higher vibration and a greater supply of life force energy. When I think about the energetic effect food has on us the phrase, “you are what you eat,” comes to mind as the vibrational truth about food. Our physical body needs food to provide us with the proper fuel and nutrition for healthful functioning and high vibrational foods give us the most optimal means to this. High vibration foods are considered to be foods that are at their freshest like fruits and vegetables, and also foods that are as close to their original form as possible like whole grains and other minimally processed foods. High vibrational foods are the foods that have the highest storehouse of life force energy. They are the foods that boost our energy, that balance our mood, and clear our mental processes. They are the foods that fill our body with light and can transmute disease. When we eat good food we feel good.

In comparison when we eat crap we feel like crap and low vibrational foods are the common culprit. These foods with minimal or no life force energy can in fact have adverse effects on our health. They are the foods that bog us down and depress our system. They do not liven us up but instead cloud us mentally and create imbalance in our body that can manifest as emotional imbalance and even illness. Low vibrational foods are considered to be foods that are highly processed, far from their natural origin, and usually contain chemical/artificial additives, synthetic or mutated ingredients, or high levels of fats and sugars. Sounds pretty gross and yet these are the types of foods that a lot of people crave. Myself  included. Ugh! I too struggle between the gap of knowing what is right and doing what is right and some of my favorite foods are the one’s that are not always the best choice for me.

Over the last few months I have actually been trying to detox and cleanse my own system. And where I sit with all of this right now is that I am still trying, and I will keep trying. As a work in progress I am getting a lot of practice and feeling like I might even be gaining some solid ground. Some new insight actually came up for me recently giving me just the right perspective and inspiring me to write this post. It seems I am working towards shifting my eating not only to shift my physical health but to also shift my spiritual experience as well. Cleansing my body is a vibrational pathway to help me open myself further and connect deeper to the pure essence of my own light. So as the last leg of 2012 boils down, I appreciate this new focus as a much-needed dangling carrot, motivating me to continue to move forward in actively raising my own vibration.

how to move your ass

how to move your ass (Photo credit: ntenny)

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Shield Yourself from a Case of the Bad Vibes

We are bombarded by energy every day and from various sources. For instance, television programs, cell phones, and other electronics all emit energy. We absorb energy through the foods we eat whether it’s fast food or homemade goodness, a salad or a piece of chocolate cake. Environmental energies also surround us constantly and are giving off their own vibration such as noise, color, and light, that may or may not complement our own energy system. And of course we are exposed daily to the energy of other human beings. Whether it is the clerk at the grocery store, your sister on the phone, your boss at work, the kids at home, or whomever, the energy that they emit and you absorb can play a larger role than what you may think. Have you ever noticed that being around someone in a bad mood causes you to be in a bad mood? That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

In the last week or so I have been noticing that I am a little more sensitive than usual to the energy that others project. For example, there was one day that I was out running some normal errands: post office, grocery store, and library. I happened to come across a person whose demeanor seemed a little closed off, a little crabby, and uptight. As I was exiting the building I felt two sharp pains in my head. “Oh great.” I thought to myself that it was the beginning of a headache. Upon loading into my car I thought again to just clear myself quickly and put up a shield in case I had inadvertently picked up some of the heavy energy from that clerk. So I asked God and the Angels to clear me and my energy field and to put up an energetic shield around me. And just like that no more sharp pains and I never did develop a headache.

Smiley Face

Smiley Face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not saying that this is what causes every headache all of the time. I am just saying that we are sensory beings, naturally sensitive, and yet not fully aware of the intricate ways in which we can be affected by others in our life and specifically the energy they emit. But we only want the good energy not the negative energy, right? So it’s never a bad idea to ask for a divine layer of protection to keep you from unknowingly taking on somebody else’s bad vibe. Shit can get pretty heavy out there but it doesn’t mean you have to wade through the shit.

Just ask and trust:

“I fully and completely release everything that is not mine sending it to wherever it needs to go with universal white light and for the highest good. God and the Angels please clear me and shield me from any energies that are not my own or that are not for my highest good. Thank you. Amen. Love Realized.”

Call On Healing For Those You Love

Reading this with presence and intention will invoke healing for yourself and others.

Note: Please pause at any time that feels appropriate to you during this healing. Take as much time as you need allowing it to unfold at its highest vibration for you and those you intend it to reach. Also I recommend using visualization.

First take three relaxing breaths.    1        2        3

Now call in your team (which consists of your divine guiding beings such as angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters) and the team of the person or people you wish to send healing to.

“I call on my team and         (loved one’s names)          team to work together for the highest good. I ask that a clear pathway of light extend from each of us and be connected to the belly of God so that we may receive his direct divine blessings through his pure love energy.”

“I ask that this pathway of light flow down to our bodies, both our energetic body and our physical body, clearing and balancing. I ask that as it does its work within our bodies that it also continues down to connect us with the divine glow of the belly of the Earth and its pure love energy.”

“I ask that all low-vibrational energy, all cords, and all cell memory that no longer serve our highest purpose to release now dissolving with comfort and ease into this lighted pathway of the healing ethers.”

“Now I ask for the loving support of the Earth to rise up through this pathway like a golden-light spike, spreading like healing magma through our bodies, both energetic and physical, clearing away any other energy that does not serve our highest purpose.”

“Now I ask these combined divine energies of Heaven and Earth to coil and spin together like a brilliant glowing strand of DNA, spinning so fast that it is now expanding out as radiant light like a star, and now that radiant light is filling the entire space of our being.”

“I ask for these star bright lights to heal us and to be present for us so that we may draw from their star bright energy of pure love and radiant light.”

Now when you are ready take a moment to reacclimate yourself. Take a few more breaths. Wiggle your fingers and toes. And give thanks to God.

Thank you God. Amen. Love Realized.

Light of Healing – Photo by Korinn S. Hawkins