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Mother Mary’s House

English: Ephesus, Virgin Mary's house

English: Ephesus, Virgin Mary’s house (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every once in a while I have a dream in which it is clear I am being communicated with. Last Saturday I was dreaming very vividly of a beautiful green neighborhood. The grass was so bright and the trees were thick and green. I could not see the houses as I walked down the road but I knew they were there. I walked a short distance in awe of the scenery and thinking how I would love to live someplace like this. The road took a deep dip down, like I was in a cup sized valley and there were three pathways to choose from. In my dream I turned to the left and there in front of me was a restaurant hidden amongst the natural setting. I could see the name on the building clearly and actually in the dream I typed it into my phone so that I would not forget but remember its name and come back later. The name of the restaurant was “Sister Marie.”

Upon awakening and immediately remembering the vividness of the words, Sister Marie, I googled that name and found her. It seems she discovered the house where Mother Mary spent her last years in Ephesus, Turkey. Sister Marie, along with local muslims, and those of her own religious background, rebuilt the home and it became a place for both Christians and Muslims to gather in peace in honor of Mother Mary.

I don’t know what the significance is for me yet, with this dream, and her name, but I will most likely be ordering and reading the book about her experience. Maybe then I will know more. What I can tell you now is what resonates with me and that is the thought of needing more places like this, and reasons, to come together despite our differences and to co-exist in peace. It is nice to know that there is someplace that already exists where the harsh religious boundaries of people divided have been blurred and peace is being shared.

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Book: The Life of Sister Marie de Mandat-Grancey and Mary’s House in Ephesus


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