Just being me and hoping to inspire you, from my light to yours…

Shared Prayer

This is a prayer I wrote years ago. I have had it taped to the inside of my bathroom cabinet since 2009 and have refered to it many, many times.

Here is the shared prayer coming at you

Dear God, Please be with me today and all days, giving me guidance where I need it and when I ask for it. Please bless any Divine communication to be clear, specific, and for the highest good of myself and all those involved. Only give me information that I can handle and that I will know what to do with. Please bless myself and my family (names here) so that we are all on our path to fulfilling our own life’s purpose and so that we are each shielded from that which does not serve our highest good. Please help us to release any fears that we may have so that we can function at our highest potential and be aware of the highest good in all people and situations. Thank you for your constant loving, peaceful presence. We love you endlessly. Amen. Love Realized.

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